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World Map Pillows - Fashionable and Unique Looking Pillows For Your Home!

Updated on February 10, 2015

Cute Map Pillows - The Best for Your Home!

If you are looking for something different for your home, then you will definitely like the world map pillows which seem to be popular nowadays.

They are not only different but are comfortable and stylish too!

Check out these world map pillows which are available online. They are the best!

World Map Pillows in 3 Beautiful Colors

Add a pop of color to your entire drawing room d├ęcor with the help of these 3 gorgeous continental pillows. There's a North/Central America pillow, Asia/Australia pillow and one with Africa/Europe continents. Handmade in India, you will be helping out the artisans who made these beautiful pillows with the purchase of these goods. The cases are made out of pure cotton and decoration is done using Batik which is a form of Indian art used to create fabric patterns.

World Map Home Décor

Apart from some pillows, you might also be interested in these items -

1. World Map Ceiling Light Fixture - Really Pretty!

2. World Map Wall Decal - Would look great in a child's room. If you are interested in more children's wall decals (peel and stick), then you should visit this page on Peel and Stick Wall Decals for Children.

3. Iron Wall Map Art - A Unique piece of art.


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