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Worm Composting Facts: Worm Compost

Updated on April 10, 2015

Did you know that you can produce natural fertilizer absolutely for free? Yes, it’s true! You can actually create organically-made fertilizer using nothing but your regular household waste and composting worms, such as red wigglers.

Red wigglers are best when it comes to transforming your daily organic wastes into a valuable and nutrient-rich worm compost. You can read through this article to know more about this organic product made by worms.

What is Red Worm Compost?

Compost from worms can also be referred to as worm castings fertilizer. Natural fertilizer in this composition can also be liquid based (can be obtained from the leachate of the worm bin, or from a previously concocted worm tea). It also comes out as odorless (has an earthy smell to it), and is very crumbly to the touch.

How is Red Worm Compost created?

Worm castings compost are typically excreted out of the worm after it has digested all its previous food intake. Castings from worms are rich in nutrients and minerals, and are commonly composed of organic wastes. These organic materials can be in the form of kitchen scraps and garden wastes.

What do Red Worms eat to be able to produce high-quality compost?

Red worms are able to produce worm castings that are high in nutritional value when they eat the following organics (can be composed of food scraps and bedding materials):

  • You can feed them organic scraps that are in the form of peels and stems from uncooked fruits and vegetables.
  • You can also feed them garden scraps in the form of dried leaves, grass clippings, and some presoaked peat moss.
  • Bedding material can also be eaten by your worms, thus newspaper shreds, coconut coir, coffee grounds, crushed egg shells, and soil are amongst the stuff that your red wiggler earthworms can also eat as well.
  • What you can’t feed them though are foodstuff that are salty, oily, spicy, citrusy, and fatty. Other than that, also rule out dairy-based stuff, as well as meat, poultry, and seafood.

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How to obtain Worm Compost?

You can get a hold of a lot of worm compost when you breed and raise your own red wiggler earthworms; and of course when you get yourself a worm composter for use. In this way, you not only inexpensively produce some valuable castings, you also get to have your own stock without having to run to the nearest worm farm store to buy another batch for your fertilizing needs. And for you to get going on this composting journey, you can look up local stores nearby you, or worm farm shops online, to know where to buy compost worms.


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    • SmilingHill profile image

      SmilingHill 7 years ago from NH

      Live in a cold climate so we throw our compostable waste outside in an area in our yard but would like to get some composting worms to have throughout the year. Any other kind that can tolerate more waste than Red worms?