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Worm Composting: Uses of Worm Castings

Updated on December 26, 2010

Did you know that worm castings are rich in nutrients? Well castings from worms are definitely the richest kind of organic fertilizer to date. Aside from this, it also has many uses and benefits to it. So, to learn more about the advantages of using worm castings as organic fertilizer read on further below.

What are Worm Castings exactly?

Castings from composting worms are typically packed with nutrients. Worms turn their organic waste intake into rich and valuable compost. This then becomes a natural fertilizer. Worm poop is generally not smelly, compared to other animal manure. You can simply associate the smell of it, with how the soil from the earth smells like.

What makes worm castings out of the ordinary?

So, what makes worm castings so special? Castings from worms actually help encourage plant growth compared to other types of organic products. And even if you use on plants, manure from animals or fertilizers that have been artificially-made, worm poop is easily more absorbed by plants compared to the first two mentioned. Worm manure also helps the soil to enhance its water-retention capability. It can also be used as a soil conditioner and as a liquid fertilizer.

Uses for Worm Castings

There are also a lot of uses for worm castings. You can simply use it as a planting additive for trees, flowers, or shrubs; or as a potting soil mixture, for which you can use for your garden plants at home. Other than these applications, castings from worms can be directly applied on plants. You can be assured that this organic fertilizer will not burn your garden wonders.

How to Make Worm Tea out of Worm Castings

So, how to make worm tea exactly? You can simply concoct worm tea just by using worm manure. You can follow these simple steps to making one:

  • Use an old sock or stocking hose, and fill it with your red wigglers poop. Tie it in a knot, and make sure that it has no holes.
  • Soak this in a bucket of water (using rain water or chlorine free water to retain the microbes that are present in the system) that has corn syrup or molasses mixed in it (food for the microbes).
  • Have an aquarium pump and airstone placed inside the bucket, as this will help aerate the water.
  • Leave this to bubble for about 24 hours
  • Afterwards, use this within 48 hours.

When it comes to worm composting, castings from worms can also be used as a solution for fighting off plant diseases. Not only are worm castings good as a soil conditioner and as an organic fertilizer, it can also be used as a top dressing, and as a seed raising mixture. It’s definitely a great source of nutrients; and is something that you can acquire conveniently and inexpensively.


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