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Design With Yellow Toile

Updated on March 21, 2011

What is Yellow Toile

Yellow toile is a great way to decorate inside of your home and to even create unique gifts for other people. Toile was first used in the eighteen hundreds and was used as test fabric for pattern that French fashion designers wanted to test. If the pattern was good it would be transferred and used on more expensive fabric. This is how toile got its start. It has gone through many changes since then, but by the looks of it, this material will never go out of style.

A yellow toile print can be of many images. It can be a flower pattern or even a checked pattern. There are way too many patterns to even think about mentioning here. Most yellow toile will come in more than one color, the yellow and another color, the yellow is usually the background color but is sometimes used as the foreground color. The two more popular color combination's are yellow and blue toile, and also tellow and red toile. With these many colors, yellow toile is very versatile.

The Many Uses Of Toile Fabric

Yellow toile can be used for many things. You can use it to wrap a gift in. It could also be used to decorate a wall with, you could make clothing with it, or even a pillow case for a throw pillow.

The great thing about toile is that it will blend easily with the other furnishings in your home. I like to call it the perfect accent piece because of the many things that you can do with it. Yellow toile prints can be used on drapes in your home, and even to upholster furniture.

You can find yellow toile in retail craft shops and by shopping online. I like to shop for toile online at and also eBay because of the vast array of styles and designs that you could not find in a store.

yellow toile
yellow toile


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