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You can make your own compost -The value of one home’s recycling multiplies to the community and to the world:

Updated on February 3, 2011

You too can do your own share by not creating so much waste by recycling it for your own use. Make your own compost by using the material that you would normally just throw away and save money on buying fertilizer.

Thanks to their efforts, cities like San Francisco are taking steps to institute composting programs in the daily lives of their citizens. The educational campaigns are being ran so you can make your own compost. It’s only a matter of time before other cities and states and eventually countries recognize that organic waste needs not to be just discarded but recycled like plastic and glass.

Good thing about organic material is that it can benefit the homeowners and be used in their own gardens rather than hauled away to a far and away factory to be recycled. If you make your own compost it is easier on the governments’ part to manage one less thing and beneficial to the individuals and in turn to the whole community and living creatures.

Lately everyone has come to know about the shrinking of Ozone layer and it’s affect as global warming and sudden changes of weather in certain parts of the world.

Composting is a process that utilizes organic waste (food and yard waste) from your kitchen and garden and helps the nature run its course and turn it into a fertilizer that can be readily used. Basically all you do is combine the tow things

Greens - kitchen’s food waste like fruit and vegetable waste and left over,

Browns – like twigs, leaves, chaffs and sawdust.

You add water to it and allow them to sit in open air… and viola, after a day or so of sitting in the open, you can say that you can make your own compost.

Compost screen is then used to sift the good compost from non decomposed rocks, chaffs, twigs and leaves and used in the garden.

All that needs to be done is spread the compost where you need it, add water to the compost and let it bathe in plenty of sun, the nature takes it over from there and turns it into a natural fertilizer that is healthy for plants and the environment.

Awareness initiatives like this empower people and make them realize the importance of small steps that help communities in big ways.

There used to be a time when only farmers and your local nursery knew how composting works. But thanks to widespread adaptation of the idea of going green chances are you must have become interested in knowing how you can make your own compost.

A whole lot of people have become aware of the benefits of going green and are now interested in knowing what can make their backyard even more beautiful. You can now make your own compost by means of simple tools like shovel and compost screens, and reusing (recycling) the waste that would otherwise be just thrown away to be eventually dumped in landfills that could potentially be hazardous to the environment.

People have come to realize that the environmentalists protesting in the sea as Greenpeace activists and those tree huggers aren’t actually crazy. They have a plan and they’ve become successful in their campaign to educate people about the affects of our everyday neglect on the environment of this planet that we all share.


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