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Simple Bathroom Sink Repair

Updated on January 17, 2013

With daily use year after year is not uncommon for a bathroom sink to eventually need a little upkeep and maintenance. We'll take a look at a couple of problems that are not uncommon with regards to bathroom sinks, and suggest ways you might want to approach remedying the issue yourself. For example, if not uncommon for people to complain about squeaky bathroom sink faucet handles. Not only can the faucet handles become more and more difficult to operate over time, they can also start to squeak as you use them. Another issue that may arise with your bathroom sink faucet that causes noise and irritation is a shrieking sound emanating from the pipes when the water is running. For many people, especially early in the morning, this is a less than ideal way to start their day. We'll take a quick look at causes and solutions to these bathroom sink problems.

If the issue you are having with your bathroom sink is a squeaking noise when you actually turn the faucet itself, coupled with an increasing difficulty in the movement of the faucet, here's what you should take a look at. If it's simply a squeaking noise, you might want to make sure that the screws to the faucets are properly tightened. More likely than not this is not going to resolve the issue, but it's a quick first look that just might help. Assuming a squeaking is still happening, it probably means that the stems on the faucet are dry. At this point, many people will try to go for the quick, easy solution of spraying something like WD-40. Don't go that route. WD-40 works for a little while, but it will dry out and you'll be right back where you started. You'll be much better off making a trip to your local Home Depot or Ace Hardware to pick up a bit of silicone grease which is what is typically used on the internal parts of the faucet to fix this kind of problem. It can be found in the same area as the bathroom sink units.

flickr image by laffy4k
flickr image by laffy4k

If the bathroom faucets were talking about are really quite old and you're seeing signs of that corroding, this is probably because they're made of a kind of a pewter metal. There's nothing you can do about this; it's inevitable over time that water will begin to grow a faucet made of this material. Your best bet will be to again visit a local home improvement store (Lowe's, Home Depot, Ace hardware etc.) to purchase a new bathroom faucets. You will have a wide range of choices but remember, just like with anything else, you get what you pay for. You don't want to be replacing these things again in a few years so I recommend against going for the absolute bargain basement variety of bathroom sink faucets.

Noisy Bathroom Sink Faucet

On the other hand, if the noise coming from your bathroom sink faucet only happens when the water is running, most likely were talking about a much more shrill, shrieking variety of noise... very unpleasant indeed. While this issue might necessitate a plumber's intervention, there are a few things you can try first before resorting to that expense.

One possibility is that you have air in the lines. You can pick up an air arrester at any of the stores mentioned above. Ask one of the staff there to give you a brief explanation of how to install this; it is quite doable. Another possibility is that the stem is loose where it goes into the faucet body, allowing for vibration, agitation and noise as water flows past the. Tightening up the stem in this situation should remedy the problem.

Naturally Unclog Your Bathroom Sink

Finally, for those of you who simply have a clog in your sink, I was directed to the following video by a friend of mine that works for Ace Furnace Repair Cincinnati, which I found very helpful. This guy is like "Mr. Fix-it" for just about anything you can imagine, so when he said it was a good, helpful video, you better believe I checked it out. Sure enough, it worked for me!

Hopefully you will find it just as helpful (and effective and cost saving) as it was for me.

flickr image by ellie
flickr image by ellie

With the high cost associated with having a plumber just show up to your residence, it is more than worthwhile to have a look at these potentially simple bathroom sink issues on your own. After all, you might save yourself a whole bunch of money doing it yourself.  In worst case scenario, if you're unable to resolve your bathroom sink issue yourself, then you can call the plumber.


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