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Your Climate And Home Aquaponics

Updated on August 8, 2011

Your Climate And Aquaponics Growing Systems

If you are thinking of getting or building an Aquaponics system then one of the major considerations you need to make is your climate. The climate conditions for Aquaponics are not that strict but need to be considered depending where you live.

So you are thinking of getting into the wonderful world of Aquaponics and I highly recommend that you do since it's one of the best ways to grow organic food for yourself and family. One of the major considerations you need to make will come down to where you live. Your climate will affect how you set up an Aquaponics system. It will also affect where you will set up the Aquaponics system. If you live in country that gets freezing weather for a few months of the year then you need to keep this in mind and make a decision before you get your Aquaponics garden running.

If this is the case and you're worried about it then you have come to the right place since I know a few tips that should help you solve this issue. Cold weather is only an issue if your Aquaponics garden is outside. So if you have a greenhouse or garage to put it in then you have pretty much sorted the problem. You need around 20sqft or more for a decent sized home system so if you have this amount of room in your garage or greenhouse then you should be your Aquaponics system there.

Cold weather will also affect what plants and fish you can use for your Aquaponics system. Some fish can put up with freezing temperatures but your plants may suffer if left outside to brace the elements. Unless you have a sheltered area to grow you plants you may have to deal with having no growth for those frozen months of the year. Of cause if you do have an area inside your house, garage or greenhouse. You still need to make sure your plants get optimal light to them. So having your system next to a window is ideal.

Since Aquaponics systems are raised above the ground you do not have to worry about the soil you have in your area. This is one of many positives to Aquaponics organic gardens. Hot desert like climates tend to have poor soil so some plants do not last very long there. Aquaponics is a way around that providing you get your Aquaponics system set up right and you can get your hands on some fish for your climate.

Aquaponics is becoming more and more popular in many countries and climates. Where you live does make a difference to what you can do with your system or where you can have an Aquaponics system running. But you will be glad to know that most issues with climate can be overcome with a few different techniques

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