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Your Garden Does Not Need Weeds- Remove Them

Updated on July 20, 2012

Weeds are not a form of plant classification, and is a term used for plants growing where they do not belong. In the natural environment, all forms of plants grow in the environment that is most conducive to them. This leads to plants growing on their own and reproducing to continue propagation of their own kind. It is when such plants grow in cultivated settings, where they are not required, are they then considered, weeds.

Reasons Why Weeds Are Not Wanted

For the period that agriculture has become a human activity, weeds have always been a problem. Weeds, or unwanted plants, remain so for a number of reasons. They tend to interfere with food production or production of fibre and if allowed to grow unchecked, can greatly lead to reduced yields, which then can become economically damaging to the farmer. Weeds compete with the plants that are desired for the limited resources of nutrients, water and space for growth. This can affect the health of the desired crop and lead to lower yields. Weeds also tend to be cosmetically undesirable in the case of lawns and landscapes. They can also serve as hosts to other undesirable plant pathogens and become food for pests and birds. They can at times become health hazards to human beings and cause respiratory or other allergy problems. When they grow unchecked, close to buildings and structures, they can lead to damage to road surfaces, foundations and drains.

Keep Your Garden Free of Weeds

Weeding is considered an element of pest control and forms the botanical part of this activity. Removing weeds is an activity that takes up a fair bit of time for most avid gardeners. Removing weeds from the garden can be done by sheer manual effort or the use of weed killers. Weed killers can be chemicals or organic products, and it is each gardener who has to decide on the method that he or she finds most suitable. Herbicides are a very popular method of controlling weeds, but their indiscriminate use can even affect healthy plants and affect the very garden that you are trying to protect. A most effective way of removing weeds from an area where you desire to grow a lawn, is to completely plow it. This removes the roots of the weeds, which remain unaffected in most other forms of removing weeds lawn.

To preempt the growth of weeds, it is necessary to make sure that soil that you are using for your garden is free of any seeds or roots of plant material. The type of weeds, or unwanted plants, can also determine the type of removal methods that you need to use to have a weed free garden. Some plants or weeds are annual growers, and for most effective control are best removed or killed before they are in the process of seeding. Other weeds grow biennially and need more attention for their removal. It is the perennial forms of weeds that to tend to lay down a root base, that allows them to survive many seasons, and are the most difficult to remove.


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