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Your Life in Pictures: Creating a Photo Wall

Updated on June 19, 2013

Places You've Been ...


Where Are Your Pictures Now?

If you're like most people, you've got photos everywhere. Some in a box in the attic, some in albums, some on your phone, some on the computer, some on Facebook, maybe some in the cloud, some that you've been meaning to get copies of from friends. Photos of your life are lurking everywhere. So why not collect your favourite ones and decorate a wall with them in your home or office?

The Benefits of a Photo Wall

We tend to take photos of happy occasions, of people and places that we like. A photo wall is a constant reminder of good times and shared moments. It's also a great way to share your world with friends and family. Few people can resist looking over a photo wall and asking about the contents. While you might normally get groans and protests if you want to produce hundreds of photos of your latest trip or a new addition to the family, with a photo wall people are usually intrigued and interested of their own accord. There's also the thought that when you put pictures of friends and family on your wall, they usually consider it to be a compliment and a sign of affection that you're keen to have a photo of them as part of your day to day life.

Types of Photo Walls

Photo walls are as individual as people. Some have solely family portraits, some have all the latest party photos and some will reflect the person's main interest such as their professional or sporting activities. You could even have a photo wall of your favourite places, favourite musicians or favorite food. Depending on the wall you choose to place photos on, you could have a kitchen theme or a games room theme. You don't need to limit yourself to photos either, you can include things like awards, self created art, children's drawings, clippings from magazines and images from the internet. A selection of photos from your latest holiday complete with a map is a popular idea. You can enhance your photos, add text and special effects from a multitude of online sites. You can also have a constantly changing wall where you add and subtract photos as you go along or change the whole theme according to what's happening in your world. See this site for some great examples of photo walls.

Photos of New Members of the Family...


Photo Frames and Other Methods of Display

To create a photo wall you can use photos in normal frames and hang them in a group as you would any other picture. You can have tiny photos or arrange poster size prints. You can print photos on a colour printer, laminate them and use removable adhesive putty or removable photo strips to mount them. You can use magnetic photo frames with wall mounts or wall mounted digital frames. If you're worried about damaging the wall with a lot of picture hooks, you can always buy or make a large board to display your photos so there is only one item to be mounted on the wall. Or you can put up a set of shelves, or hang a bookcase on the wall to display groups of photos.

If You Need Any More Inspiration...

Think about any photo walls that you have seen that you particularly liked, These might be at the homes of people you know or even the way that pictures have been displayed in an art exhibition or at a museum. For an overwhelming amount of ideas, a search of Google Images for "inspiration for photo walls" produces around 54 million results. There should be something in there to give you an idea for your very own photo wall. After all, wouldn't you like to enjoy your photos rather than have them languishing in a box or somewhere in digital storage? I know I would.


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    • JanHeath profile image

      JanHeath 5 years ago from Australia

      @ChristyWrites, thanks for your comment, I really enjoy my photo wall and I'm glad you found it a useful idea.

      @Mei Eden, Yes, I think we've all probably got enough photos around to maybe even wallpaper the house! It's great to get them out and enjoy them. Thanks for coming by.

      @dwachira, appreciate your comment, you're right photos are precious, particularly long cherished ones. Thanks for stopping by.

    • dwachira profile image

      [ Danson Wachira ] 5 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      I have a lot of photos dating many years back. Some of them are priceless, very important to me. I should try your idea of photo wall, sounds great. Thanks.

    • Mei Eden profile image

      Mei Eden 5 years ago from Houston, TX

      Great idea! I have so many photos locked away in boxes, scattered in drawers, and lying in stacks still in their envelopes. I'll have to make a photo wall out of them and maybe a few scrapbooks! :) Beautiful hub!

    • ChristyWrites profile image

      Christy Birmingham 5 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      Photo walls are a great idea, I must try this!