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Zen Bathroom Design Ideas For Decorating Or Remodeling Your Bathroom

Updated on June 13, 2011
Zen Bathroom Design
Zen Bathroom Design | Source

Zen Bathroom Design

Zen bathroom design gives an air of peace and tranquility in your home. Creating a relaxing environment where one can rejuvenate is essential in this day and age.

These interior design ideas are great for decorating or remodeling your bathroom to give your home an authentic zen bathroom look and feel.


1. Natural And Organic Materials

Zen bathroom design often uses natural and organic materials in its design palette. Natural fibers and wood emulates the outdoors and gives one the sense of being close to nature creating a serene and relaxing bathroom environment. Asian wood sorts such as bamboo or teak are ideal for recreating an exotic and peaceful Asian feel in your home.


2. Ambience & Lighting

Deciding on what kind of ambience you prefer in your zen bathroom is very important. Do you want a serene evening ambience or a rejuvenating daytime glow? Depending on your own personal preferences your zen bathroom at home should use lighting that caters to your wants and needs. Preferably you should choose a lighting design that can be switched between these 2 ambiences giving you the possibility to change the ambience of the room according to your different moods.


3. Minimalist Design

One of the key components in recreating a zen bathroom feel is minimalist design. Afterall, we are trying to create a space that is peaceful, decluttered and stress-free.

By eliminating all the excess your zen bathroom emits a calm and relaxing atmosphere.


4. Neutral Colors

Zen bathroom design often uses neutral colors and subdued hues. Monochrome (black & white), grayscale and brown earthtones are all utilised to stunning effect in zen bathroom design.


4. Stones

Including stones in your zen bathroom design will indeed add a feeling of serenity and tranquility to your home. Stones hold a significant meaning in traditional Japanese zen garden design, wherein the stones can represent amongst other things harmony and eternity.


4. Water

Zen bathroom design can make use of water, as well, to invoke a relaxing and calming atmosphere while at the same time bringing us closer to nature.

Fountains and small pools of water gives us an outdoor feel indoors.


5. Nature

Nature, in the different form of plants, grass and small trees could be incorporated in your zen bathroom to furthermore enhance the feeling of the outdoors. Plants are naturally a must in any household and using them in your zen bathroom gives a relaxing, appealing and soothing atmosphere in your home.



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    • surveyequipment profile image

      Rich Sale 4 years ago from Sandy

      Some great ideas here.

      Will add a link to this for one of my related hubs.

    • profile image

      dana 6 years ago

      I know I want everyone of these rooms, I am in love!!!!