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Zip It Drain Cleaner Review - Worked OK to unclog drains

Updated on January 16, 2011

Zip It Drain Cleaner

Zip It drain tool worked best when sink stopper was removed

I purchased the Zip It drain tool at Lowe's for less than $2.50 and gave it a try to unclog the bathroom sink. The Zip It is a long flexible plastic stick with teeth designed to grab debris. Using the tool in the bathroom sink, I kept the drain stopper in and found it hindered the removal from all debris from each side of the drain stopper. I removed the drain stopper and then re-inserted the Zip it down the pipe. It was a lot easier than keeping the drain stopper in. The Zip It unclogged the contents of the drain and water did drain better after use.

After reading other reviews of the product, the $2.50 paid for the Zip It was probably over-priced compared to other stores where it is sold.

Package states one-time use

After used on the first drain, I saw that it was not bent or damaged and just needed to be cleaned. The package states one-time use but I could not see why it could not be re-used if you desired to clean it off. I would purchase the Zip It again to avoid using a bottle of expensive drain cleaner.


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