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Oak Furniture

Updated on June 4, 2011

This article will entail a concise history of oak furniture from the beginning of some of the most well-known pieces to the most current ones in circulation today. Oak has come a very long way from being the only furniture in existence to being a relished and adorned item on account of its superb grain and solid wearing properties.

Some of the best furniture in the world has been constructed from oak. It is rich in history and has been used to build furniture for quite some time now. The earliest recognized pieces of oak furniture are dated as far back as the Dark Ages. Europe and England was reported to have been covered with oak trees, making it relatively easy to come across, practically everyone used it to make furniture. The reason for its consistent and reliable use was on account of its sturdiness. This made it longer lasting than any other piece of wood in the forest.

Furniture that’s crafted from oak can last hundreds of years without any signs of weakening because the wood is dense and has a tight opening grain which is idea for making furniture. This also makes solid oak furniture capable of surviving the toughest environmental events. It was to have also been used to build ships on account of the resistance properties when emerged in water for long periods of time. And today you can find it being used for hardwood floors.

During the earlier periods of time, furniture was initially being as benches for the wealthy and affluent to sit on. This furniture was pretty generic; yet, served its purpose. The appearance of the furniture took on a rough, rugged and clumsy look. As societies began to evolve, the developmental stages of furniture went for the ride. Eventually such things as chests were being crafted for keeping personal items safe and even cupboards made of oak was beginning to appear in places for the storing of cups.

Mission oak furniture didn’t appear in the United States until the early 20th century, during the American Arts and Crafts Movement. Now mission furniture is one of the most brands of furniture today. One can find different styles, colours and fashionable finished furniture virtually any place now. Although oak furniture may come with a healthy price, its well worth it price. They say, “You get what you pay for.” In the case of oak, you’re getting the best.

Oak bedroom furniture, especially bed frames are often prized as family heirlooms. Antique oak furniture, handed down from generation to generation often takes on a life of its own. These pieces of solid oak bedroom furniture, if cared for properly should last many generations due to the strength and durability of oak as a wood. Other pieces that are cherished by families for generations are oak living room furniture and oak dining room furniture. Often complete sets of chairs with tables, matching oak sideboards and other pieces can be found in homes and lauded as 'my great grandmothers set!' Sitting down to dinner set out on 100 yr (or more) old oak dining furniture can really add to the ambiance and class of the meal.

Oak office furniture is also becoming popular again as a status symbol. The solidity and strength of oak is seen as an indicator of the standing of the office resident and is treasured by business power brokers.

Looking to purchase a piece of oak furniture but scared off by the prices? You might consider a piece of unfinished oak furniture. These pieces of furniture, while still possessing all the important qualities of solid oak furniture, are relatively rough looking and so can be purchased for much less. Putting some solid work into putting a final finish on them will make you value and treasure these items and allows you to put your own personal stamp of ownership on them.


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