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Outdoor Garden Benches

Updated on April 19, 2017

How To Get True Relax In Your Garden?

I can't really imagine a garden without benches. Where are you going to relax? Where are you going to sit? Probably on a pail? I just can't imagine it. Every gardener who have some self-esteem will install at least one bench in his garden. I'm sure you wouldn't argue. I'm not writing this to convince you that your garden must have benches.

I'm writing this to introduce you the most popular types of outdoor garden benches and to help you learn how you can install one for yourself, how to keep your benches and why not even build a bench yourself?

I'll be brief, I promise. 

Types Of Garden Benches

So, what kind of benches should you put in your garden? The simple answer is you can install any bench. But not all will look equally great in different garden styles neither they will cost the same.

Let's shortly discuss the most popular types:

  • Storage benches. These won't be the only benches in your garden unless you really have a lot of stuff to store. They are a furniture that combines storage facilities with a seat. These benches are very functional but are more expensive and don't look as good. They are often used indoor too.
  • Potting benches. They are used mostly for displaying plants and look great. They can be made of wood, plastic or metal and usually do not offer place for sitting. So while they are wonderful, you'll probably need some other benches too.
  • Backless benches. Simple, cheap and comfortable. They don't take much space, don't weight much and fit any design. The only important downside of these benches is that the lack of a back is making them no so comfortable for sitting long time.
  • Complete benches. These include everything you may want from a bench and are used more often in the gardens because you can spend hours on them relaxing or even using a laptop. Of course complete benches are more expensive than the backless ones.

Depending on the material used there are four main categories of benches:

  • Wooden benches. Maybe the most popular kind - good looking, natural and durable. Wooden benches need maintenance however.
  • Metal benches. The benches made of metal can be more expensive but need less maintenance and care. Fit well in most backyards.
  • Plastic benches are less popular but also a good solution for some gardens.
  • Concrete benches are one of the best solutions. Concrete benches are cheap especially when you made them yourself and are the most durable. Sometimes they look a bit cold however - it all depends on the surrounding landscape.

You can as well combine different types and materials of benches in your garden - just try not to mess too many of them at once.

Outdoor Benches Maintenance

Garden benches need various levels of maintenance depending on their type and material they are made of. Generally storage benches need the most care - you must carefully fix any cranks and protect them from water leaks because water can damage the stuff you store inside.

Next are all kinds of wooden benches - they need re-painting and treatment to avoid getting rotten or eaten by woodworms. 

Metal and concrete benches need mostly cleaning except if you have to deal with low quality steel  benches that can rust. Also, concrete benches can get ruined if they have cranks and water freeze in them.

All benches need regular cleaning unless you like them look old and dirty.

Here's a more detailed guide on outdoor benches maintenance.

Making An Outdoor Bench Yourself

Yes, you can build an outdoor bench yourself. And for someone's surprise it's not at all hard. Of course the easiest project would be to build a backless wooden bench but you can do more than that. Basically you can consider two kind of benches to make yourself:

  • Wooden benches - backless or complete.  If you are building a complete one you may need to find wooden bench plans. You need basic tools and some woodworking skills. Making a storage or potting bench from wood is considered advanced project.
  • Concrete benches. Yes, making a concrete bench yourself is not at all hard and is a great method to save money. You will need again to search for some plans and to practice a little bit before pouring the concrete so your bench don't fall apart.

In the video below you will see how you can build a garden bench yourself:

Building a Garden Bench - 9 Minutes Video


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