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How To Give Your Home Decor That Little Something Extra

Updated on June 19, 2011

Accent Furniture

Morgan Chair
Morgan Chair
Madison Drum Table
Madison Drum Table

Your Accent Furniture

Do you like to have your accent furniture blend in or stand out from the rest of your furniture.

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Accent Furniture Helps To Brighten And Personalize

The use of accent furniture, whether fun, funky or fashionable can compliment any room. These pieces can be as grand as an antique hall tree or as simple as a cute little plant stand. They can be garage sale finds or a cherished antiques. Even something that was created by an individual. Placed in the room just right, accent furniture can make that room come alive and create conversations.

Re-purposing furniture has become very popular. Bringing in that accent piece and using it in another way than originally intended. Maybe that old Chinese cabinet in the basemant can move up to the living room and be used to hold games? A pie safe can move into the kitchen to become a bookcase for recipe books. The possibilities are endless as pieces are used in unsuspecting ways. This is the fun of accent furniture. It's not expected, it's not exactly necessary furniture, it's furniture for fun.

Another great way to use accent furniture is to bring in a bright, cheery color or an interesting texture or even wild prints and patterns. Add a bright red ottoman to a neutral room. That little spash of color can show well in a neutral environment. A bright color might be too much for a whole room, but an accent piece in that color can really make a statement. Maybe a fun metal side table as a nightstand. Perhaps a brightly colored coatrack. It's fun and functional. Accent furniture can also create a feeling in a room. A table with a marine motif will suggest an ocean feeling. Exotic woods and carvings will suggest far-away destinations.

A whole room doesn't need to be decorated in a certain way, just a few pieces here and there can create the desired atmosphere. These pieces don't have to go with a room. They have the individuality to stand alone. They're there to add flair and not overpower. Chairs also make wonderful accent pieces. They come in such a huge range of styles. Whether they're in the grouping, or alone against a wall, a chair can be a great accent piece. Best of all, they're functional too.

Let's not forget the really useful accent furniture. A vegetable bin isn't something someone would think of right away, but one could really dress up a kitchen. It's useful and can look great. Sometimes a little side table can be just what is needed to tie a room together. A hall table will make a bare area look great and can be useful for holding those things that are usually forgotten while running out the door.

The best thing about adding accent furniture to your home furnishings is that the pieces are as individual as the person buying and decorating with them. They're so unique to that person's taste. Everyone needs regular furniture, like couches and tables. It's in the accent furniture where the individuality and personality of the owner really shines. This is the furniture that puts that personalization stamp on a home.


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    • mandybeau profile image

      mandybeau 8 years ago

      Now, you really can write on Interior design, I recently read the most stupidest Hub on Rustic, Design, It flew in the face of all that I had been taught. It wasn't at all what Rustic is ab out ie., Patina age etc., just dead animals, and a crappy looking room with over the top lighting.

      Excellent hubs