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Adventure Time Bedding and Bedroom Decor

Updated on September 17, 2012

How to Make an Adventure Time Bedroom

Adventure Time bedding is hard to find, but with the right blankets, pillows, posters and accessories, you can make an Adventure Time bedroom any fan will adore. There are a couple of ways you can create an Adventure Time themed bedroom, boys will likely enjoy a Jake and Finn (with a touch of the Ice King) bedroom while girls might want an Adventure Time bedroom that incorporates Princess Bubblegum or Lumpy Space Princess. If your looking for inspiration on how to decorate an Adventure Time bedroom, check out the ideas on this page and have fun!

How to decorate an Adventure Time room on a budget

Whenever you are decorating a kids or teens bedroom theme, remember to start with a neutral theme. For example, look at the picture of the yellow and blue room to the right. The wall color, basic window covering, rug and blankets all coordinate but they could be changed to another theme at any time. Imagine this same bedroom with a Spongebob theme for a young child, them imagine decorating in an Adventure Time bedroom theme later. The transfer would be simple!

Instead of changing everything, decorate with inexpensive accessories like plush character pillows, posters, throw blankets and wall decals.

Where to Buy Adventure Time Blankets

Spencer's Gifts usually carries Adventure time fleece blankets, but your local store may run low on stock especially around the holidays. Because Adventure Time blankets can be hard to find in stores, check Spencers website or see what kind of Adventure Time bedding is currently listed on eBay.

Adventure Time Fleece Blanket measures 50" x 60" and is machine washable.

Adventure Time Pillows

There are all shapes and sizes of Adventure Time plush toys and pillows. For the item to be considered a pillow, it should have a 'roundish' shape and be at least 14" big. Check out these cute Adventure Time pillows and pillow cases:

Adventure Time Jake 14" Cuddle Plush

Adventure Time Posters & Framed Pictures

A few Adventure Time posters can dramatically change the feel of a room! Besides, posters are inexpensive and if you frame them, they'll last longer and look nicer. Another idea for decorating walls would be to print out Adventure Time pictures from fan sites, like,AdventureTimeArt on, or check out the Adventure Time Fan art on Most are free to print but some creators may require that you pay a fee before printing.

There are a couple of styles of official Adventure Time posters. Look through the posters below or check Spencers, Hot Topic or even Walmart's poster section.

NEW and HOT Products - at Hot Topic


Adventure Time 'What Time is It?' Poster here!

Adventure Time Wall Decals

This particular Jake the Dog wall decal was posted on, but it's origins are unknown. Besides that, although it was tagged as a wall decal, it may have been painted. Anyway, you can buy smaller versions of Adventure Time decals on sites like

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      anonymous 4 years ago

      where do you get a duvet cover??????????

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      Spiderlily321 5 years ago

      Cute ideas. Thanks for sharing