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Agio Patio Furniture

Updated on July 5, 2011

The outdoors have become the new indoor.

That is why more and more homes have patios.

But patios have become more than just a place to set down a trestle table for the weekend family barbecue, although they still are perfect for this.

Today, many patios are extensions of the home, outdoor entertainment areas where people can enjoy a sunny day or a starlit night with family and friends. Many homeowners and designers these days design the patio and choose patio furniture to fit a specific look or mood. It is no surprise that, in an increasing number of homes, great care is taken to make the patio as comfortable and stylish as the living room.

However you want your patio to look – from rugged outdoorsy to classic elegance, modern chic to playful, intimate settings to sprawling area arrangements, bar sets to dining sets – you can be sure there’s an Agio patio furniture collection perfectly suited to your needs and your budget.

After more than a decade, Agio (Italian for “leisure”) has not only firmly established itself as one of the leading makers of quality outdoor patio furniture, it is the acknowledged trendsetter in its niche. Agio patio furniture and accessories are available in a wide range of styles and materials from the mass, online and catalog, and specialty retailers that proudly carry the brand.

Agio patio furniture and accessories are made of quality modern materials that are meant to give you year after year, season after season, of outdoor entertainment pleasure.

Agio’s metal patio furniture, whether aluminum- or steel-frame, is strong without being bulky.

Take the Venice II dining set, for example. The powder coat finish and weather resistant Olefin fabric make it the perfect choice for outdoor dining. But it doesn’t stop there. The leg levelers on both the table and chairs allow you to adjust them, giving you a choice between regular and the increasingly trendy balcony height.

It’s true that a lot of the plastic patio furniture out in the market can look tacky. Not Agio’s.

The steel strap dining chair from the Maywood collection, for example, made of powder-coated welded steel and solid PVC straps double-wrapped for strength, is also stackable – a delightful blend of simple elegance and practicality.

And Agio has even taken on the whimsical and turned it into a hit, as it did with the popular Disney Resort line, which took off with the Animal Kingdom collection and has since expanded with the addition of the Grand Floridian and the Yacht Club collections.

Of course, Agio’s lines of all-weather wicker patio furniture are nothing if not elegant and remain the firm’s runaway bestsellers. How else would Agio all-weather wicker furniture be featured four years running in Coastal Living magazine’s annual Idea House, or in the 2008 Country Living House of the Year?

As it continues to create new designs that combine beauty and functionality for a whole range of customers, you can be sure there will be a line of Agio patio furniture to meet your needs and budget.

Indeed, the only limit when it comes to Agio patio furniture is your imagination.


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