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The Alternative Kitchen Garden

Updated on June 20, 2013

Grow your own food, sustainably, with the AKG

The Alternative Kitchen Garden is all about growing food - both common and unusual crops - in a sustainable way. The heart of the garden is the compost heap, and there's plenty of room for wildlife along with the plants. The gardener treads lightly on the Earth, and the garden thrives as a result.

The Alternative Kitchen Garden: An A - Z - You've read the blog, now read the book!

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ISBN 1856230465 / 9781856230469

376 pages, 190 colour photographs

RRP £14.95

"An indispensable compendium for a new generation of eco-conscious kitchen gardeners." Elspeth Thompson, The Sunday Telegraph gardening columnist

"An ideal companion for anyone getting dirt under their fingernails for the first time." Tracey Smith, writer / broadcaster on sustainable living, author of The Book of Rubbish Ideas

"Emma's style is light and friendly yet at the same time informative and based on personal experience.... A dual purpose book - a concise and valuable practical guide, but at the same time a lovely little read for the deck chair or hammock!" Graham Burnett, permaculture teacher and author (read his Permaculture Magazine review here)

"Emma Cooper is an unstoppable force, one of life's positive people, and The Alternative Kitchen Garden sets out her inspiring personal vision of how to grow your own." Emma Townshend, Independent on Sunday gardening columnist

"Hallelujah - a kitchen garden handbook for the genuine newbie. Instead of dry facts and statistics, here you have a description of the life and soul of a garden." Corrina Gordon-Barnes, award-winning writer of The World Needs Your Passion web site

"The Alternative Kitchen Garden is not just an A-Z, it is an inspirational tour of an edible garden that can be recreated in the smallest of backyards. An essential guide for a new generation of gardeners who are keen to join the kitchen garden revolution." Karen Cannard, blogger and author of The Rubbish Diet

The Alternative Kitchen Garden: An A-Z - by Emma Cooper

The Alternative Kitchen Garden is an evolving idea of what a kitchen garden could be in the twenty-first century: organic, environmentally sustainable, resilient, and about localizing at least some of our food production. It’s also a place not only for learning and practicing growing skills but also for enjoying ourselves and having fun. The Alternative Kitchen Garden is the ideal companion for anyone getting dirt under their fingernails for the first time and full of fascinating ideas and experiments for the adventurous gardener.

A self-confessed “cyber geek,” Emma documents the transformation of her “ropey old lawn with potholes and brambles” into a fertile and abundant permaculture plot via Internet radio and a popular blog site. Eight years of her postings and stories have been collected in here, illustrated with beautiful color photographs and arranged into easily accessible alphabetical order. The Alternative Kitchen Garden: An A-Z covers subjects as diverse as growing achocha (a forgotten Incan crop) to zucchinis. Emma’s style, is light and friendly, yet at the same time informative and based on personal experience-you feel you could actually be sitting in the garden chatting face to face as she shares her knowledge and experience.

Growing Vegetables is Fun! - Everything your child needs to start growing their own food

Growing Vegetables is Fun
Growing Vegetables is Fun

Growing Vegetables is Fun is a glossy magazine packed with information to help children grow (and eat!) their own vegetables, and learn about environmental issues such as Climate Change. There's even a diary section that allows them to record their progress and draw pictures or paste in photos of their plants.


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    • EmmaCooper LM profile image

      EmmaCooper LM 7 years ago

      @Surreymagic: That's the Grow Dome. It is a bit impressive ;)

    • Surreymagic profile image

      Surreymagic 7 years ago

      What a nicely put-together lens- lots of good links and large photographs- I love the geodesic dome in the photograph on the front cover of AKG!

    • AppalachianCoun profile image

      AppalachianCoun 8 years ago

      This is so good. I enjoyed the photos so much. Great info.