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Alarm Clocks For Girls

Updated on September 10, 2014

Cute Alarm Clocks For Girls

Looking for cool alarm clocks for girls? This article features lots of the best alarm clocks for girls of all ages from young girls, to tweens to teens. There are lots of girly pink alarms, Disney Princess alarms, ipod alarm clocks, Hello Kitty clocks and more.

When looking for an alarm clock consider the following features:

Loudness of the alarm - How loud do you want the alarm clock to be? If you have a teenage girl who is difficult to wake there are clocks with extra loud alarms and even bed shakers! Some alarm clocks have volume control which can be handy.

Brightness of the clock - Clocks which are illuminated can be bright enough to see the time in the dark but many girls may find this distracting when trying to sleep. If this is the case you could consider an alarm with a dimmer on the light.

Ease of use - It helps to choose an alarm clock which is easy to operate. Look for reviews that say it's easy to program and easy to use any other features.

Alarm clocks with other functions - Some alarm clocks have other functions including lamps, ipod docking stations and players, money boxes, nightlights, timers which will allow you to fall asleep for music and lots more. For younger girls there are alarm clocks which teach the time, have nightlights and tell you when its okay to get up.

Style / Look / Design - Consider what kind of style you would like. Would you prefer a digital display or a clock face? A clock face may be a good choice for girls who are learning to tell the time. There are retro style clocks, more modern styles and lots of themed designs with favorite characters too.

Read on for suggestions of the top alarm clocks for girls below.

Hello Kitty Alarm Clock

HKT2064 - HELLO KITTY KT2064 AM FM Projection Alarm Clock Radio
HKT2064 - HELLO KITTY KT2064 AM FM Projection Alarm Clock Radio

Hello Kitty is popular with school aged children and this alarm looks cute but has a whole range of functions too, including a clock radio with AM/FM tuner, a buzzer, night light, AM/FM clock radio, alarm clock. It also features adjustable alarm volume control, built-in speaker, LED display screen, buzzer. Other Features include built-In AM/FM antennas, alarm, battery back up, clock battery back-up


Clever Tips To Get Girls Up in the Morning

If you're looking for an alarm clock, it may be because you're finding it hard to wake up a sleepy head in the morning. If so, here are some top tips to

Make it worth waking and getting up - A promise of a hot drink is enough to get me to sit up in bed in the morning and why shouldn't it be the same for your kids. Bringing them some warm milk, a nice smoothie, a glass of orange juice, a milkshake or other breakfast drink may be just what they need to entice them to sit up and start the day.

Make mornings fun - Mornings can be stressful. Looking for clothes, bags, shoes and getting ready in time can lead to shouting and more stress. Create a fun atmosphere in the morning. Put on your kids favorite music while they get ready. Maybe promise them 10 minutes of their favorite TV show or 10 minutes of playing if they get ready in time.

An enticing breakfast - A promise of an enticing breakfast is often another good trick to get them out of bed. Their favorite muffin, pancake or sausage sandwich - whatever it is that they enjoy.

Alarm For Teen Girls

Teens are notoriously hard to wake up in the morning. This is for many reasons, teens actually need more sleep and a shift forward in their natural body clock means that they tend to be more alert later at night and drowsy early in the morning.

Obviously, a good routine and as much sleep as possible are good solutions but an alarm clock can help with this.

There are lots of great alarm clocks for teen girls. If your teen is hard to wake, consider a vibrating / bed shaker alarm like the one below.

Sonic Alert SBH400ss Sweetheart Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker
Sonic Alert SBH400ss Sweetheart Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

This one comes in different colors not just pink but black too.

It features a colorful alarm clock with an extra-loud (113db) alarm and our most powerful 12-volt bed shaker.


More Alarm Clocks for Teenage and Preteen Girls

There are lots more cool alarm clocks to get older girls out of bed from those with extra loud alarm and bed vibrators, to alarms like clocky which you have to chase to turn off.

There are more classic looking alarm clocks too and don't forget alarms to go with your ipod.

iLuv Vibro II Alarm Clock 30-Pin Speaker Dock with Bed Shaker (Pink) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
iLuv Vibro II Alarm Clock 30-Pin Speaker Dock with Bed Shaker (Pink) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

This alarm features a shaker which vibrates to wake heavy sleepers.

Wake to your iPhone / iPod, FM radio, buzzer and / or shaker. Go to sleep listening to your music or the radio too.

Clocky Rolling Alarm Clock (Best Loud for Heavy Sleeper Bed-Room) Cool, Fun Clockie Jump, Chase, Run-Away, Move, Wheel (Blue)
Clocky Rolling Alarm Clock (Best Loud for Heavy Sleeper Bed-Room) Cool, Fun Clockie Jump, Chase, Run-Away, Move, Wheel (Blue)

If you want an alarm that's guaranteed to get you out of bed, you have to get clocky.

Clocky comes in lots of different colors.

When it's time to get up the wheeled alarm clock that rolls off bedside table beeping and scoots away. You have to get out of bed and chase clocky to catch him and turn off his alarm.

Advance Time Technology Silicone LCD Alarm Clock with Matching Backlight, Pink
Advance Time Technology Silicone LCD Alarm Clock with Matching Backlight, Pink

Nice classic looking simple alarm.

It has a matching color backlight and is actually nice for girls of all ages.

It comes in blue too.

Timex T101NP Extra-Loud Alarm Clock
Timex T101NP Extra-Loud Alarm Clock

This clock features an extra loud alarm as well as a soft alarm buzzer.

It features a large, easy-to-find snooze Bar

One-touch automatic alarm reset


Disney Princess / Fairy Alarm Clocks

If you have a young girl who likes princesses and princess themes they will love the disney princess alarm clocks featured below. Disney princess are another favorite of my 6 year old niece.

Disney Princess Magical Light-Up Storyteller Alarm Clock
Disney Princess Magical Light-Up Storyteller Alarm Clock

In the morning, the alarm wakes children gently with color-changing lights, music, and sound effects. When cinderella and prince charming begin to dance, girls know it's time to get up

Bedtime activation, bedtime alarm feature helps girls get to bed on time

Multi-color nightlight feature too.

Disney Products - Disney Princess Alarm Clock with Compartment, 6"H - size 6in x 5in x 4in
Disney Products - Disney Princess Alarm Clock with Compartment, 6"H - size 6in x 5in x 4in

As well as an alarm clock, this princess alarm is great for storing accessories too,

It features a removable lid and quartz accuracy


More Themed Alarm Clocks

Girls of all different ages like different characters from TV, music, movies or toys - whether they be make believe like Barbie or really like Monsters High. If you're looking for a themed alarm clock to appeal to the characters the girls you know likes here are a few options.

LEGO Kids' 9002175 Pink Plastic Alarm Brick Clock
LEGO Kids' 9002175 Pink Plastic Alarm Brick Clock

An alarm clock in the shape of a pink lego brick. Great for lego fans. It features a snooze button.

Monster High iPod Clock Radio Dock (50248-IPH)
Monster High iPod Clock Radio Dock (50248-IPH)

This works with an ipod or iphone. Charge and play your ipod/iphone. It also has built-in FM radio. Set an alarm and wake to the songs on your device or the radio.

Great for Monster High fans.


Color Changing Ipod/Iphone Alarm Clock

You can get alarm clocks which change color - to give your room a different look depending on your mood.

The alarm clock below is also an ipod/iphone alarm clock. These are a convenient place to charge and dock your ipod/iphone and will enable girls to play music in their room.

If you decide to buy and ipod or iphone alarm clock there are some extra considerations. They include:

Sound quality - How good do you want / need the sound to be and does your chosen ipod / iphone alarm clock meet your needs.

Compatibility - Make sure the clock you choose is compatible with your device. Many clocks have lots of generations of product releases to consider.

Features of Alarm Clocks for Younger Girls

If you are buying a clock for a younger girl (toddlers / preschoolers and those in kindergarten) consider the following features:

OK to wake light / alarm - Many young children don't actually need an alarm and will wake up a bit too early. To prevent children getting out of bed too early there are clocks which light up at a time programmed by parents to let them know when its okay to wake.

Nightlight / lullabies - Many alarm clocks for younger children have features such as a nightlight to help soothe them to sleep at night

Nap timer - Some clocks have nap timers too.

Teach the time - For slightly older girls there are alarm clocks which have functions to help you teach the time.

Alarms for Toddlers, Preschooler and Younger Girls.

There are lots of alarm clocks which are really cute and perfect for younger girls.

I love the American Teach me time talking alarm clock because it will grow with your child. If firstly goes green to let your toddler/preschooler know it's okay to get up. As your little girl grows it teaches them the time too and it has a snooze button for even older children.

Teach Me Time! Talking Alarm Clock & Night-Light
Teach Me Time! Talking Alarm Clock & Night-Light

This child's bedside alarm clock is a time teaching educational game and a dual-color nightlight all in one

Dual-color ok to wake nightlight is a soft yellow in the evening and turns green in the morning (parent programmable) when it's OK to come see mom and dad

As children grow, an interactive, talking time-teaching game has 5 adjustable skill levels and teaches time-telling concepts on the analog and digital clock faces

For older children that want to get up on their own, teach me time talking alarm clock is a fully functional alarm clock with snooze - just like mom and dad's


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      The iLuv alarm clock is super cute.

    • Dietzster profile image


      8 years ago

      Just right for young girls, pink is so sweet.


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