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All About Clay Chiminea

Updated on October 17, 2010
Modern variety of clay chiminea
Modern variety of clay chiminea

About clay chiminea

Chimineas are a great way to cook outdoors with style. They are very good at retaining enough heat to cook anything that you'd want to heat. They do a great job of keep your food at a great temperature and they create even heat to make sure that your food cooks properly. Chimineas are unique and they are a great accessory for backyard cooking.

Clay chimineas look like little furnaces, and they are made out of clay. They resemble a pit, but they are shaped like a large vase with an opening in the front. The opening is where the coals would be placed for cooking. The food will be grilled over the coals, and the smoke come out from the top of the Chiminea. It's a good idea to put a rack over the coals to lay the food that will be grilled upon. Chimineas were first, and are still made in Mexico.

Chimineas are clay furnaces that will add to the beauty of your garden or backyard, and change the way you cook your food outdoors. Chimineas, or little chimneys, are a great alternative to a traditional grill as far a heat source for your food. They also do double duty, because they act like fireplaces, and keep you and your guest warm at night outdoors.

Chimineas are portable fireplaces that have the ability to be moved around. How they work, is that you would put wood, or some other sort of coals for fire in the opening that is located in the front of the chiminea. Unlike a traditional grill, a chiminea is mostly enclosed. This is a great factor in controlling your flames when you are cooking. The design lends itself to cooking for large amount of guest. The chiminea in fact was a cooking source for families in ancient Mexico.

More clay chiminea styles

More about clay chiminea

One huge advantage point of keeping a chiminea outdoors, is that it is treated so that it won't crack.  And unlike a traditional grill, it won't rust.  It will be more likely to maintain its flame, because its design blocks out the wind.  One thing that you and your guest can do is to sit around it, and it will keep you warm, and also create a good ambience.  Chimineas are designed a variety of ways that can add character to your backyard.

Chimineas come in sizes from very small, to very large.  Whatever size that you decide to buy will be determined by your needs, and what you want to cook.  Some people like small chimineas simply for decoration.  One thing to keep in mind is that chimineas lend themselves perfectly to foods that you might want to prepare by smoking.  The enclosed design lends itself well to delivering a rich smoky taste to your food.

Chimineas are very easy to find.  All you have to do is to go to a home design, or to a garden store. One thing to thing about though is the size of the chiminea that you'd like to have in your yard, and to cook with.  You need to determine if you'd like a large model, or if a small model suits your needs.  Also, you need to make sure that your yard has a designated area for the chiminea that isn't in the same area that children and pets play in.

It's always wise to have a designated area that is specifically for cooking.  Make sure that you keep this in mind when you are plotting out a design for your backyard.  A designated area for a chiminea is a wise idea, because you will probably want to use it quite often.  You will attract lots of guest, and want to cook with the chiminea quite often.


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