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All about Steam Microwaves and Dishwashers

Updated on May 7, 2015




As microwave oven technology keeps on evolving, revolutionary new products hit the market on a daily basis. One of the latest is the steam microwave oven. This oven ensures that you do not have to steam you meals separately. Instead you just turn the entire oven cavity into a steaming area, by simply switching to steam mode. Not all microwave ovens have this function, but those which do have been noted to work quite well. The rationale for buying them is that they offer the additional steaming option. That would cost more bucks in buying a different appliance altogether, to steam your meals.

When it comes to dishwashers, there is a lot on offer in the market. Dishwashers have been around for long and thus they have undergone a lot of technological advancements. Shopping for the best dishwasher need not be a confusing process for the intending buyer, since there are certain basic differences that can guide you in buying the best product available. Some of the guiding principles are: design and reliability; price and size; and cleanliness maintenance.

Choosing the Correct Steam Microwave

Customers would be well advised to insist on a microwave oven with a steaming mode switch, if that is what they want. Sales persons are trained to be convincing, but they must not persuade you to buy an oven without the steaming option in such a case. Currently, there are a number of such microwave ovens available in the market. Samsung offers the widest variety with the ME6104ST, ME83M, MC32F6C6TCT, MC324GAKCBB and MS34F606MAT. For those who care about size, the last option is the largest with a 34 litre capacity.

There are also three varieties available from Panasonic: the NN-CS894SQPQ which is the largest holding 34 litres; the NN-DS592BQPQ; and the NN-SD351M. The other option currently available is the Sharp AX1100JS steamwave three-in-one oven.

Price and Size of the Steam Microwaves

Of these ovens, the Samsung ME83M is the smallest and cheapest, it has a carrying capacity of 23 litres and goes for less than $130. However, it is best suited for single persons or young couples without large families to prepare meals for. It is also highly portable and can come in handy outdoors. The largest is the 34 litre Samsung MS34F606MAT which goes for just under $ 800.

The price range for dishwashers is $ 399 to $ 3099. For dishwashers, size too does matter. It is important to consider if the dishwasher bought will fit into the space where you want to put it. It does not make sense to buy a very large dishwasher, which will not ultimately fit properly into that corner in your house; only for you to wish to sell it again. On the contrary, bigger ones also wash more dishes and are better suited for restaurants.

There should not be an assumption that the smallest is necessarily the cheapest. That may not be the case because price is determined by other factors such as popularity of the item and the amount of modern technology that has gone into making it. Sometimes, an item is priced higher simply because its design is appealing to more customers. A smaller size may favor those who are fond of moving house a lot. The issue of portability comes into play. Having a lighter appliance may also help in such a case. Moreover, the dishwasher should be sturdy enough to help cope with all the shocks of continuous movement without falling apart.

Special Features like 3-1

The 3-in-1 Sharp oven is so called because it combines sensor microwave, grilling and steaming applications. It can therefore be put to any of these three uses which make it quite versatile. Other brands such as some Samsungs also offer this variety, though it is useful to check before buying. Such versatility is advantageous since a single appliance gives triple value for money. This means that the buyer saves by choosing a triple function microwave, as the expense of buying three different ones is avoided.

Visual Appeal and Design of Microwaves

All the microwave ovens in this range are ergonomically designed. They are sleek and attractive to look at. They also come in a variety of colours to enable the buyer choose what matches the colours of their kitchen or office. Tastes are unique to individuals, but it is important to purchase a microwave oven that has a window which enables the user to monitor the cooking progress. Though all the ovens above have this provision, the design of one particular window may appeal to one customer and not another. Some customers may want an appliance with a well protected window, such as the smaller Samsung, in order to avoid breakage, especially if it is for mobile use. Moreover, to maintain the appeal of the oven, it must be easy to clean. That consideration is important since food handling is involved here. Consequently, there must be high levels of hygiene. On this, all the brands above easily pass the test, as they are very easy to keep clean. Beauty thus has to blend with functionality.

The design of the dishwasher in question should be appealing to the buyer before the purchase is made. This includes the outward appearance and colour of the item. Remember, this is something you will probably live with for a long time, so it helps to have a design you will like over that period. Design also goes with utility value. One must consider whether the control panel is well designed for easy reach and simple enough to understand by different users; you certainly will not be the only one using the dishwasher. The reliability of the dishwasher is mainly determined by previous users, it helps to check with friends to determine whether they find the dishwasher type they bought useful. This can only happen if the design is not new in the market. However, it also helps to check the individual parts and determine what they are made of. Light plastic is not likely to last long especially if it constitutes the moving parts. Dishwashers such as Beko, Miele, Bosch, LG, Dishlex and Smeg among others, do not exhibit such problems.


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