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Allotment Greenhouse

Updated on January 7, 2015

Allotment Greenhouse

Allotment Greenhouses come in all shapes and sizes but essentially a greenhouse is for one thing only - GROWING !

Whether it lives on your allotment or in your garden, a greenhouse is there to provide you with healthy home grown food and healthy outdoor exercise. Most people would be shocked how easy it is to start growing your own fruit and vegetables just using a greenhouse and some spare time.

Greenhouse gardening is becoming more and more popular year by year as we seek "the good life" as it were and why not when you can buy a good greenhouse from around £200 ! Yes just a small amount of money to start saving money on fresh, organic food !

The Ideal Allotment Greenhouse

Tough and Practical

What is the ideal greenhouse for your allotment ?

The first thing to decide is how big a greenhouse you can fit on your plot. It's always sensible to buy the biggest size you can or indeed a size bigger than you think you may actually need ! That way you'll end up with a greenhouse in which you'll maximise your growing efforts and not constantly regretting you ordered a size too small !

The next thing to give thought to is the type of glazing to go for, glass or polycarbonate ? This is largely down to where your allotment plot or garden is. For instance if you're in a nice quiet spot that is fairly secluded then you could go for glass. However if you're near a playground or cricket pitch you should rightly consider going for polycarbonate as it doesn't smash and is therefore safer and more cost effective in an area where it may be impacted by flying objects !

In a windy exposed area you should consider toughened safety glass as it's sheer weight will keep it from blowing out in the wind. Also, should toughened glass break it only shatters into little pellets like a car windscreen thus minimizing injuries.

As you're not on the allotment all the time it's also a good idea to fit a louvre vent and also an automatic roof vent opener to ventilate the greenhouse when you're not there in person to regulate the temperature yourself. Autovents are cheap to buy and worth every penny.

The are many greenhouse kits available today that contain everything you need to get started in greenhouse gardening such as shelving, staging, autovents and rainwater kits. This is a great way to get going and there is a great selection of greenhouse kits over at Greenhouse Stores

Cheap Allotment Greenhouses

Value for Money

There are some great VALUE greenhouses to be had for allotment keepers at the moment. Here are a few greenhouses worth looking at for your allotment or garden:

Grow Master 8x6 Greenhouse

The new Grow King 8x6 Greenhouse is a solidly built silver or green 8ft x 6ft greenhouse with a new innovative glazing system that doesn't use the traditional and fiddly glazing clips seen on other greenhouses. The glazing panels simply slide into channels and are held in place by the aluminium frame itself. The greenhouse comes complete with a galvanised steel base plinth to raise the height of the structure and provide added rigidity in windy weather.

Halls Popular Greenhouse

The Halls Popular is a greenhouse classic and designed to last and last ! Halls are the oldest greenhouse company in the world and this design is now over 20 years old ! It's still going strong for one big reason, IT WORKS !

The Popular is a simple 6ft wide apex design available in 6x4, 6x6, 6x8 and 6x10 in silver or forest green finish. You can have a steel base plinth as an option as well as horticultural, toughened glass or polycarbonate glazing.

A solid Greenhouse Base

How to site your greenhouse................

There is one hard and fast rule for setting up your greenhouse and installing it and that rule is: Always make sure your greenhouse is placed on a hard level surface.

I recommend that you have a concrete or slab surface laid in time for the delivery of your greenhouse and then adopt one of the following methods:

This can be achieved by building your greenhouse frame on to a raised brick base thus:

The easiest way to get a good solid base for your frame to sit on is to buy a metal base as an option when you purchase your greenhouse:

Some greenhouses such as the new Grow Master from Greenhouse Stores come with corner posts that can be buried into the ground in post holes at each crner. When you have the greenhouse square and level you simply fill each post hole with concrete and away you go. This means that you can place the greenhouse on softer ground:

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      really useful greenhouse info thanks. have a look at my blog


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