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Creating a Spiderman Themed Room for your Child

Updated on November 22, 2013

Spiderman Wall Decals, Bedding, Accessories and more...

Spider Man has been a favorite of kids for quite a few years now. There is just something about this story of an awkward teenage boy who gets some special superpowers after being bitten by a radioactive spider. Kids love this story, possibly because they would themselves, love to have his superpowers.

If you have a child who is a Spider Man fan, why don't you give your child a huge treat and give their room a remodel to feature the famous web-slinger.

Creating a Spider Man themed room is probably easier than you might think. This lens will give you a few simple ideas to making the Spider Man themed room you desire.

Optional Step: You will not "need" to paint the room before applying any of the other Spider Man decor, but I think it makes the rest of the decor look even better if the room is painted the same nice blue color used in Spiderman's suit. The next best painting option is a nice plain white, or very light color to the walls, which makes the all the other decor really stand out.

Spiderman Wall Decal
Spiderman Wall Decal

Spiderman Wall Decal

No need for stencils and paint, just peel on and peel off this simple decoration

This is the reason why these themed rooms are so easy these day. No longer do you have to figure out some way to paint the walls. No dealing with stencils or other complicated stuff. The entire process of making these room itself look great has been simplified.

These wall decals come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You can get a couple for the room, or just one giant one to draw the eye. It is all up to your own creativity and desire. The two standard "large" sizes are 4 foot X 4 foot and a full life-sized one measuring over 6 feet high.

I would recommend, if you only go with one wall sticker, to go with the full sized option.

Note: These stickers take no tape or stick-um to secure to the wall. They simply peel and stick in place. When you remove them they will also leave behind no sticky residue.

More Spider Man Wall Decals

Don;t like the choice above. Check out some of the other choices.

Spiderman Themed Bedding
Spiderman Themed Bedding

Spiderman Themed Bedding

Flat Sheet, Fitted Sheet, Pillowcase and a nice thick blanket. This great bedding set has everything you need to make your kids bed special.

A bed is the center of the room, making it an eye catching draw for the room, If you want to make your child a themed room, getting the bedding right may be the only "must" on this entire list.

Spider Man drapes

Marvel Spiderman 'Astonish' Curtain Panel 42" x 63" Pair with Tie Backs Set
Marvel Spiderman 'Astonish' Curtain Panel 42" x 63" Pair with Tie Backs Set

Having drapes to match your bedding and wall decal is an important and nifty little extra. Here is one of the cool examples of some of the great looking drapes you can get for your child's room.


Peel and Stick Border

Spiderman Spider Sense 3D Peel and Stick Wall Border
Spiderman Spider Sense 3D Peel and Stick Wall Border

This cool themed border can run around your child's room. This is not an required addition, but it makes a pretty neat optional add-on


A nighlight can make the room perfect

A tin sign is always a nice addition

Add a chair as an accent

A simple bean bag chair is a fun place for your kid to sit and relax. This chair is comfortable and relaxing, a great place for your kid to sit and enjoy all the work you have put in to this special room for your child.

A realistic wall mural

I promised you there would be no painting involved, and I am not changing my story. There is no need to go to the lengths that this guy does, but I thought that you might enjoy taking a look at this mural that a man does manage to paint for his child.

I am no artist and could never paint something like this myself, chances are this type of art would also be beyond you. (If not why not just use your skill and make one as good as this. It is quite impressive.)

So you do not need to make any art like this yourself, but it is just nice to see what this guy can do.

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