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Amazing Wind Up Torch

Updated on October 19, 2013

Never again will you be stuck for a light because the batteries of your torch are flat; they do seem to go at the most annoying times. This wind up torch can always be ready for you if you remember to crank it a few times. Even if it has run down you will soon get it lit again. I keep mine in my handbag but would also like one for the car, just in case I have left the other one behind.

A friend recommended me to have one and I'm already reaping the benefits. I live in the countryside and I visit friends who live in places where there are no street lights. It is at times like this that this great little torch comes in handy. There is no need to stumble about and risk a fall when you have this torch to guide you. I cannot over stress the usefulness of this torch. Just a few turns of the handle and you have a good light to guide you on your way.

When winter sets it you often find your battery torch has flat batteries. This cannot happen when you have the Wind-and-Go flashlight. It has a good design and fits nicely in the hand and has an easy press button switch.. As I have only just purchased one of these I cannot tell you how long they last. I imagine I will get a lot of use out of it. It is so irritating to find your ordinary flashlight has flat batteries, This cannot happen with the Wind-and-Go torch.

Amazingly you can also charge your phone from this versatile piece of equipment. So one can have confidence in this torch

Try a lantern too; good for camping.

Get together with some friends and do something creative with your wind-up torches.

Which torch do you prefer?

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Have you tried one of these torches? What do you think of them?Have you found any snags with them?

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