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Animal Print Kitchen Ideas and Accessories

Updated on December 15, 2014

Do you have a friend who is wild about animal print designs? Maybe you love them in your home. We have all seen some of the fun giraffe-, zebra- and tiger-print rugs and cushions available for home decorating. There are even animal print seat covers for cars.

If you know someone who is crazy about these designs, then chances are they will particularly love cheetah print designs in their kitchen. For a truly unique gift, take a look at some of these ideas for your friends kitchen or dining room. Animal print fabrics and items are so easy to find these days. Some stores even have a whole display of jungle-theme kitchenware. These are just a few ideas for animal print accents or full sets of kitchen accessories.

Animal Print Ideas for the Table

Chargers (oversized plates to go under dinner plates)
Water kettle
Microwave (yes, there are some with animal print door frames!)
Plates (in solid or animal print)
Kitchen mixer (requires inexpensive decal kit)
Serving bowl
Tablecloth, place mats, or table runner (decorative strip of cloth)

Some of the most fun kitchen accessories and ideas feature jungle animal prints: tiger, jaguar, leopard, cheetah, zebra, or giraffe. Some are subtle, small touches, but other décor ideas are just plain wild: big bold rugs, a wall of animal-print wallpaper, or jungle theme curtains. The sky is the limit!

Pier One Imports often offer jungle animal-print products, from dishes to linens and even window treatments. Animal-print rugs work great in kitchens too. Consider a long rug in tiger stripe or zebra print to run along the length of your kitchen counter. Kitchen rugs are practical and a rug with a bold print can disguise small spills until you're ready to clean the floor.

From big to small, there are dozens of ways to bring the jungle into your kitchen. This guide will get you started on your hunt!

Small Touches of Jungle Print

Set of 2 Zebra Print White Ceramic Cabinet Drawer Pull Knob
Set of 2 Zebra Print White Ceramic Cabinet Drawer Pull Knob

These cabinet and drawer knobs are ceramic. Imagine how adorable your (or your animal-lover friend's) kitchen will look with zebra-print knobs on some (or all!) of the cabinets and drawers.


Windows and Floors

This zebra print panel is available at Pier One Imports in a variety of sizes. It's actually made of bamboo, so has a heavier weight than a typical curtain.
This zebra print panel is available at Pier One Imports in a variety of sizes. It's actually made of bamboo, so has a heavier weight than a typical curtain.

Jungle-Theme Windows and Walls

This zebra print panel is made out of bamboo with a cloth covering. It adds a bold animal-print statement to your kitchen while offering privacy and a break from the sunlight. It's available at Pier One imports in a variety of sizes.

Some great (and brave) decorators use animal-print wallpaper on kitchen walls to great effect. Smaller print works best, since kitchens are already busy with things on the walls. Consider a cute black and white cheetah or leopard-print wall or corner. What about wallpapering a small wall, between two cabinets or over a window?

Another possibility is to choose from the many animal-print tiles that are available. Whether you prefer orange and black tiger stripe, black and white leopard spots, or a warm gold and black spotted print, there are small and large tiles available for your backsplash.

Make Them Yourself!

Fabric is inexpensive at Jo-Ann's and other fabric stores, and most carry a variety of animal prints. Even the most inexperienced seamstress can handle an apron pattern! These aprons might look hard to make, but they're actually quite easy. If you're feeling really wild, use a contrasting print for the pockets!

Leopard Print Accessories

Leopard print is so popular these days. With its warm caramel and black pattern, leopard print looks great in linens and small rugs. We found a unique item that really stands out from the crowd.

Favorite Animal Print

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