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Can the blade of a metal cutting circular saw be used in a conventional circular saw?

The manufacturers of the blades say no. But they would say that, wouldn't they? They want you to buy their "special" metal cutting saw. However is there anything actually different about these saws other than the blade? Is the speed different or is there some other design feature which allows them to cut metal safely? Have you ever used a metal cutting blade in a conventional saw (and lived to tell the tale!)


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Dan Robbins (Cre8tor) says

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5 years ago
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    Eugene Brennan (eugbug) 5 years ago

    Just as I thought! I actually used a wood cutting blade in a miter saw once to cut through a length of 1 inch box steel. A dangerous thing to do because the teeth could have caught in the steel and got ripped out. By easing it down it worked ok.