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Why are my new Arbequina olive trees dying? Trees were 2 years old, transferred from vases to soil.

We live in Arizona. Gardener who planted them told us to water them once a week with a bucket of water Now all trees have more brown leaves, than green. We did have 3 days with frost temperatures in the night around 20 degrees. Another frost expect tomorrow around 20 degrees in the night. I asked others and they told me it's unlikely the frost is killing them but lack of water! We watered them tonight, which is three days earlier than what the gardener recommended, but I am afraid it might be too late. Advice highly appreciated.


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4 years ago
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    Adrienne Janet Farricelli (alexadry) 4 years ago

    I might go ahead and cover them tomorrow night. We have like 65 degrees in the day and then the next day 45 and then freezing in the night. I don't have plastic foil, but bubble wrap, wonder if that will work? can they still breath with the plastic?

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