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What kind(s) of fabric are the WORST because they pick up the MOST pet fur?

I'm thinking, if I create a cover for my dog's bed out of the nastiest material in terms of grabbing fur. So, more fur is captured on the pet's bedding, less fur is lost around my house; let the dog "brush" herself every time she naps. (The FURminator is my grooming weapon of choice for getting off the most possible loose fur--I brush casually twice a day with it, and it REALLY makes a huge difference--90% according to their website--but there's always room for improvement). Someday those fur-bunnies in the corner might get me if I'm not vacuuming constantly.


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We Solved It, Inc. - Athena and Tess - The We Solved It Solution Sleuths (We Solved It) says

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4 years ago
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    Laura Schneider 4 years ago

    That's right! I've been using the sticky-roller kind and forgot about the velvety kind. Thanks, We Solved It! I'll see if I can find out where to get that fabric in bulk.

    Anybody else--any other ideas?