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Can you identify this plant? It appears to be in the Verbena family, but could be just a weed

I have quite a few of these plants in my garden, and, judging from the shape of the leaves, I thought they were going to develop into brightly colored verbena, either the short ones, or possibly the very tall spindly ones that bear small purple flowers. I waited with great expectations until this week (mid-July), and all that has appeared is tiny little white flowers in the axils. The plants are quite bushy and healthy and I thought they had developed from plants which had self-seeded last year. Maybe they have reverted from hybrid F1 plants? My garden is in London - temperate climate.


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Catherine Tally (cat on a soapbox) says

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3 years ago
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    Diana Grant 3 years ago

    Following on your comment, cat on a soapbox, I looked at lots of photos on Google, and it's definitely not white vervain, and maybe it isn't even verbena, although the leaves tell me it is! I'm dying to know, so will take it to local garden centre

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