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clutch, and turn the key-while in neutral, I hear a very faint click, and you have to really...

listen for it, to hear it. The click comes from the engine area, and I think the left hand side, or front. I checked the 15amp fuse, looks good, and next to the fuse theres a Hella 4RD 12V 008002 960388-06 15591178 - Looks like a relay - Ive read other blogs, calling it a solenoid, but I thought a solenoid was more like a starter.. Anyways, I tried to manually turn the motor, while starting it, and it wont do much. It will turn at first ok, and has good tension/compression... To be totally honest, I feel like I did something when I was cleaning the grass out of the belts, and deck, and spray


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6 years ago
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