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Noisy Washer Vibration Mats & Pads Reduce Washing Machine Noise Levels

Updated on February 24, 2012

Does your washing machine walk across the floor during a spin cycle? Do your neighbors complain your noisy washer is causing their pictures to fall off the wall? Are your washing machine vibration levels driving you to distraction? If so, then you have come to the right place because here you will find a solution to sound proofing a washing machine so you and your clothes washer can live in harmony with each other.

Washing machine vibration can become a nuisance when you live with neighbors in close proximity or share a home with others who keep different hours to you because of such things as swing shifts at work etc. Noisy washing machine vibrations are the last thing you want to share with sleeping night shift workers or your neighbors but the spin cycle rattles and vibrates even the hardiest of clothes washers.

The problem of a noisy washing machine is exacerbated by suspended wooden floors which amplify the sound levels caused by spinning clothes washer. Washing machine vibration through wood floor boards is a common problem but thankfully one which has a solution. Another common washing machine issue is movement during its high revolution spin cycles, which can cause some washing machines to walk across the floor making a terrible racket and scratching up the flooring in the process.

So what can you do?

Well, aside from tossing your old one out and buying a newer model, which tend to handle vibration issues a little better the best solution to washing machine noise pollution is to look into anti-vibration feet for washing machines or at a washing machine anti-vibration mat. Either of these are designed to reduce washing machine noise levels for domestic clothes washers and dryers and also to protect the appliance itself from damaging vibration which can add wear and tear to its component parts.

Washing Machine Anti-Vibration Pads

These anti-vibration washing machine feet pads are easy to install and are specially designed to prevent the transmission of washing machine vibrations to the floor which dampens noise and prevents structural damage to your home and appliance. Great user reviews back up the effectiveness of this product in absorbing and reducing noisy vibration from a washing machine as well as making it stay fixed in place rather than wobbling and rattling its way across the room.

Clothes Washing Machine Sound Dampening Mats

These larger mats are designed to dampen washing machine vibration and thus reduce the mount of sound made by a washer on its spin cycle. Typically these are thick rubber mats, often made from recycled materials and are designed to work without the use of floor damaging adhesives. The anti-vibration mats for washing machines comes in various sizes and are suitable for both washer, dryers and for soundproofing other domestic appliances.

What Causes Washing Machine Vibration?

Most of us can tolerate a little bit of whirring and rattling coming from our clothes washers but when it gets so loud it becomes a problem, then it becomes time to act. Apartment washing machines can be a particular nuisance for people living around you if your appliance is prone to excessive vibration, but the same is true for condos, and other shared wall homes. If your neighbors are close enough to be bothered by your noisy clothes washer then your relationship is going to suffer unless you try to dampen the sound it makes and that’s where some innovative manufacturers have stepped up to fill the need.

Before you can start finding out how to dampen washing machine noise levels you first need to know what is causing the excessive noise levels in the first place. For most, the problem is simply going to be the surface the laundry appliance is set upon and the loud vibrating noises caused by the spin cycle. Thankfully, for that, you can simply buy anti-vibration pads for washing machines and rubber noise reducing floor mats which go under the washer or dryer to dampen down noise levels and soundproof the washing machine to more manageable levels. Manufacturers of these claim they can reduce the sound caused by a noisy washing machine spin cycle by up to 94% which is pretty amazing.

Washing machine anti-vibration mats and sound dampening rubber feet for washing machines also help solve the problem of floor migration. There’s nothing more annoying than when your clothes washer walks across the floor several feet every time it goes into its spin cycle so you have to struggle each time to put it back in its place. To prevent a washer sliding and moving its way around the room, a good set of anti-vibration feet for washing machines will keep it in place, as will a thick rubber washing machine mat.

Alternatively, your problem may be a little more simple, in fact, in a new washer it may be as simple as an installation error by whoever installed it. When a washer is loaded for transport and delivery from the manufacturer they invariably put some means of restraining the drum to keep it from rattling around during transit. Failure to remove these restraints, or any others which may, for example, restrict the shock absorbers, will lead to a functional but loud washer. If you have a brand new loud washing machine problem, then this might be the case with you and is an easy, free solution to the issue. Check your user manual for installation instructions or call the manufacturer on this one if you are not sure.

Other simple solutions may be something as simple as leveling out the feet. If you washing machine is rocking and wobbling then check to make sure that all the feet touch the floor. An off balance rocking washing machine will wobble and make rattling and banging noises when the drum spins but is a simple fix. There is also a weight under the drum which can work it’s way loose over time. On an older washing machine the bolts holding this in place can work loose and cause rattling vibrating sounds so check these too and tighten if necessary.

Some front loading washing machine noises can be solved by balancing the machine according to the manufacturer’s instructions, as some need to be tilted slightly rather than put on the level as we intuitively think they should be. Other front load washers specifically state they need to be mounted on a concrete plinth, in which case…well, either do so, or try an anti-vibration mat if that’s not an option.

Unusual washing machine noises, on the other hand, may have nothing to do with the natural vibration caused by the appliance but instead be of a mechanical nature. As the washing machine parts wear with age, you are going to get more noise from things like worn bearings which will eventually need to be replaced. If you can turn the drum be hand and still hear a rumbling noise then it’s probably the worn washing machine bearings. Rattling, scraping and screeching noises from a washing machine might be something as simple as loose coins, keys and other metal objects lodged between the drum and the tub. Knocking, banging and other horrendous noises are not part of the normal operation of any laundry appliance and should not be ignored to prevent more extensive damage from occurring.


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