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Antique Vintage Gothic Clocks

Updated on May 30, 2014

Gothic Clocks

Gothic clocks come in a variety of styles and sizes, from something you can put on a small table to being part of a huge building.

If you've seen or know some about Gothic clocks, you can usually spot one by just looking at it, especially antique Gothic clocks. But they can be tricky when designed in different periods of time and various countries.

Sometimes the country they are built in can make it more difficult to identify as Gothic than the period it was built in.

Features that most of us will immediately recognize as Gothic will be the finials on the sides of the clock, slightly curved or steep edging ending in a point on top,

Some French Gothic clocks can be very ornate and include what appears to be statuary on the front, similar to what you might see on medieval architecture.

One clock shown below is a miniature of a Cathedral with the clock itself placed in the center.

In this article we're going to look more at what most of us easily recognize as Gothic, with the more pointed tops and finials, along with a couple that are very ornate.

New Haven Gothic Clock

Below is a New Haven Gothic clock. This was included first in the rotation because it has most of those qualities the majority of people recognize when thinking of Gothic architecture of any kind, which translates into Gothic clock pieces as well.

You have the pointed finials on the sides and the steep rise to the pointed top of the clock's casing.

On the lower part of the New Haven Gothic clock it seems like it has a nautical star.

Brass Gothic Clock by A. D. Mougin

This ornate, gilded brass Gothic clock was designed by A.D. Mougin. It is called French Gothic, and includes that architectural look of that period, which really adds to the clock.

Notice the great looking urn on the top, as well as the nice laurel swags? On the bottom half are those nice sized drop handles and paw feet. It is Circa 1880.

As you can see, this type of clock wouldn't fit in with just any type of décor, but in the right room and circumstances, would look magnificent.

Note how different the French Gothic clock design is from others shown here.


French Bronze Gothic Ormolu Clock

After including the French Gothic clock above, it seemed right to show a second one so the idea there was no traditional Gothic look to the French clocks would be discarded.

Below is a French Bronze Gothic Ormolu clock. The Circa 1825 clock includes a number of Gothic traits easily identifiable, including the pointed finials and arch over the top of the clock itself.

One thing for sure, the French sure do like their gilding, and looking at this clock and the one above, you can't blame them.


Durfee, Herschede Clock

This beautiful Gothic clock was designed by Walter Durfee for the Herschede clock company around 1900. Right after the turn of the century, Herschede went into business and acquired clocks from Durfee, which includes the one below.

Interestingly, the clock itself is lost in the gorgeous mahogany and extraordinary detail.

Everything about this clock is fantastic, from the minimalist base up to those tall finials. The metalwork on the grate in the middle also looks really nice.

Clocks of this type and quality can go as high as $30,000, or more, depending on how it's sold. But then, who would want to sell such a piece?

Gothic Clock Reims Cathedral

Some of you probably knew this right away, but the two photos of the Gothic clock below, are in fact, the same clock. They're included like this to show how they look with two separate light sources. The top photo is actually how it would look under normal conditions, as the original finish is dark bronze.

What it is is a replica of Reims Cathedral, circa 1830-40. The detail and craftsmanship of this Gothic clock is amazing and breathtaking.

Another thing that may surprise you, is this clock stands only two feet tall. When you look at it you would think it was much higher than that; or at least I sure did.


Gothic Clock Tower - Salisbury, England

I would be remiss if I didn't include a Gothic clock on a tower, and so we'll end this glimpse at Gothic clocks with on located in Salisbury, England.

This particular Gothic clock tower is actually two different pieces from two very different time periods. The base was formerly a county jail built in 1631. The clock tower itself was added in 1892.

I know I could have included one of the more majestic Gothic clock towers in the world, but I thought an nondescript one that most people aren't aware of would be an enjoyable ending to this brief venture into the world of Gothic clocks.


The variety of Gothic clocks in general, and antique, vintage Gothic clocks in particular, seems to be endless. There are so many that these few here simply can't even begin to show the number of even the most traditional and basic types of Gothic clocks there are out there to explore and enjoy.

As you can see, and as mentioned earlier in the article, these clocks fit in with a specific type of décor, and when they complement the décor, they are amazing additions to any room. With the exception of the Gothic clock tower above, of course:'-)


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    • profile image

      horology247 2 years ago

      re 'Fulloflovesites' comment .... if only I could get them" to be honest there are an awful lot of Gothic style clocks available in uk auction sites at the moment and mostly quite reasonably priced because they are seemingly not particularly in vogue at the present time.

    • FullOfLoveSites profile image

      FullOfLoveSites 4 years ago from United States

      Unbelievably beautiful clocks! I am interested in them and if only I could get them. They're a thing of beauty, most especially the Reims Cathedral clock.

    • SopranoRocks profile image

      SopranoRocks 6 years ago from Upper Peninsula, Michigan, USA

      I voted up and beautiful only because there was not a BREATH-TAKING option! You have great taste. I was an interior design major in college for a year until I realized there may not be much of a market for Gothic and Victorian design in Michigan. Such a home would be bliss for me :) Again, great HUB!