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top rated apartments locations in Birmingham AL

Updated on February 2, 2013

Top rated apartments locations in Birmingham

When you are looking an apartment in Birmingham, Alabama, there are so many factors that must be kept in mind. The first factor is comfortable neighborhood. It is primary factor that every person required. Birmingham has not only one location regarding apartments but also so many places. These locations are top rated because of nearness to commercial buildings, availability of facilities and nearness to school and colleges. If you are single then select the place with low crimes rates while people who have kids must choose the location near to educational institutes. Peace and orderliness are also very important. It is not difficult to find an apartment in Alabama but its surroundings must be kept in mind.

Canterbury Gardens Apartments is one of the top rated locations of the city. This is equally good for singles as far as for families. Prices vary according to the number of bedrooms. An apartment with three bedrooms approximately has fair $860. Charleston Court Apartments are decent and fair is adequate. Voters usually rate this apartment with three stars. All modernized comforts are available with comfortable neighborhood. By looking at its features large numbers of people are interested to buy it. Lake Purdy is the safe location for apartment with special regard to crimes. The number of crimes is low as compared with other locations. Vestavia Hills is at preference list whenever we think about residence in Birmingham. Bluff Park and Brentwood Hills are two remarkable places as well. Rocky Ridge has no comparison as far as best locations are concerned. These rentals offer swimming pool, internet café, dry cleaning and business center. Stonegate Apartment Homes have very high ratings due to affordable rental prices.

The state of Alabama has rich culture and entertainment. Residents are really enjoying true taste of life. In order to locate the exact place for living, analyze the annual crimes versus the number of properties. Another factor that can help to select the best place is socio-economic status of the neighborhood. It is not only important to select an apartment but also consider its surroundings which has significance also.


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