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Why Do Apartments Want Your Electricity Service Account Number?

Updated on October 31, 2012

Without an Electric Utility Account Number You Can't Move In

Apartment complexes will ask those moving in for the electric company account number prior to the tenant moving in to their new apartment for one of two reasons. Some apartment complexes have it setup so that all the electricity service accounts are temporarily under their company name. In this situation when a customer moves in they need a way to verify that the apartment complex company is not going to end up paying for the tenants electric bill.

This system is very simple for the apartment complex to manage because it avoids disconnection fees and the possibility of service getting disconnected from a turn off request coming from the apartment complex to the utiity prior to the tenant putting in their turn on request to the electric utility. Anytime a turn off request gets in the queue prior to a turn on request in this situation there could be a 2 - 3 day time period where the apartment has no electricity and yet the tenants are moved in already.

In summary, you don't want to just tell the lady asking you for the account number that yes you have service on in your name and have received an account number when in reality you just made that story up because you want to move things forward and you plan to get service on that night. If the apartment is one that puts in a turn off request after they get your confirmation that you have service under your name you may end up being one of those unlucky residents with no electricity for a few days. In this situation you have only yourself to blame because you lied about having an account number. If you didn't have an account number and the lady strongly demanded a print out receipt of some kind to verify with her own eyes but you managed to persuade her otherwise you are a great salesman. You just might have to endure a few days of sweltering heat when the utility shuts down your power only to turn it on a few days later.

Beyond Just Confirming the Account Number

Don't Waste Valuable Time

The new move in process to an apartment complex is usually hectic especially if you are a student, young couple, or family with a newborn child and young ones. There are going to be deposits galore! You will have to pay a month or two upfront rent as a deposit to most apartments and this amount is dependent on how good or bad your credit score is.

When you start shopping around for electric service you will find that the default provider will usually want a very high deposit if you have bad credit. You can't exactly get an electric company account number if you can't afford to pay a deposit to the utility. If your credit is okay they might be able to work with you and it is possible you could avoid a deposit all together. If your credit is not established or is just plain bad if one provider asks you for a large deposit you can bet that all the providers will ask you for a large deposit.

Without the account number for the electric supplier this apartment your moving into will not happen. You may find that the constant asking for a deposit by these providers starts to really eat at you and drive you nuts as you call multiple numbers all asking for a few hundred dollars.

Rather than waste your time calling up a dozen different providers that all check your credit and then all ask you for a deposit around the same price tag you are better off checking with one traditional electric company to see if a deposit will be required. Once you determine that yes, you probably will get hit up for a deposit by any electric company you call, go ahead and start checking into prepaid electric companies.

You will avoid the deposit altogether and with the new smart meters they can confirm your per kilowatt hour rate and exactly what your electricity usage will be each month as they will deduct your prepayments from the real time data being recorded by your smart meter. No longer are the days of widely wrong estimates for those using prepaid electric suppliers.

We believe this suggestion to try out 1 traditional provider and if the deposit is high to go ahead and order service with a prepaid electric company is a great idea. This suggestion will really cut down on the insanity of getting moved in to your new place and keep money in your pocket. You will get an account number upon ordering via a prepaid company and you can give this account information to the apartment complex manager when they ask for it. If you do it this way you will save yourself a ton of time that would have been devoted to speaking with numerous guys on the phone all telling you the same thing, you will have your account number and be moved in nice and cozy at your new place.

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Use Prepaid Companies For Fast Access to an Account Number - Still a Good Rate But No Deposit To Worry About

This video goes over how a prepaid electric company can help obtain a good rate for your electricity service at your apartment but avoid the deposit at the same time. Instead of being billed 45 days out after using electricity service you prepay for it. You will simply charge up your account and the money will be deducted as you use it. By paying in advance it is a win win. The provider knows that you will not default on an electric bill and you will never have to pay a deposit.

How to Determine the Best Prepaid Electric Company?

Some people have genuine questions about if I am going to choose a prepaid company which one is the best? There are many bad prepaid companies out there so the question is a good one. This video points out some important things to consider when deciding on a prepaid electric company.

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      Dell Girl and Believe2255, I appreciate your comments and appreciation regarding this information. I think what I have written will be of great use for someone in the middle of a hectic relocation with bad credit trying to save money in the deposit arena.

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