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Pretty Apothecary Jar Sets

Updated on August 9, 2013

Decorative Jars Apothecary Style!

Do you like the way apothecary jar sets look when filled with items inside? You might need a jar or two to hold some of your personal possessions or to simply stash some seashells.

Whatever you need them for, you are most likely to make anything look stylish and organized inside a decorative, glass jar.

These apothecary style jars used to be used in old pharmacies to store goods and while not used anymore for that purpose, they are used in homes to make things look gorgeous.

Decorative Apothecary Jars for Sale - So pretty and will attract plenty of attention to a corner

If you've longed to re-do your bathroom, bedroom or even your kitchen then a stylish set of glass jars will really help you to pull your look together. They have such an elegant and clean look about them and they are perfect for storing your items. If it's seashells sitting on top of a mound of white sand or starfish then these are perfect for protecting your beach combing treasures.

Apothecary Containers for Bathrooms - Perfect for storing cotton balls and more..

13, 14 and 15 inch jars and more! Are you looking for something small or large to show off some of your items? Whatever size you need, you'll most likely find it in the glass jar collection and one that is as elegant as you are. These types of jars are great because they are clear and made of glass so they give you the perfect opportunity to really put on a show (wherever they are).

Turn those plain cotton balls into a piece of art by storing them in a jar!

Would YOU Like to Display Your Shells & Trinkets in a Jar?

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More Home Goods Apothecary Sets - Create a wonderful presentation in any room...

This is a very novel idea and so creative! How about using some beautiful jars to create an indoor garden with some of your more delicate exotic plants such as orchids? This one above does not come with the plants but they look stunning and makes one want to have a set of these in their own home. I love how this looks. It can turn a plain corner into an indoor greenhouse. You'll most likely get some complements for that display.

More Lovely Jars for Pretty Displays - Store your items

If you're preparing for a party then create a candy buffet with several of these dainty, glass containers. People will love to gather around them and pick out their candies from the "buffet" you've created. It's also a nice spot to have a little chat and admire your creativity!

Fill your jars with cookies, candy or use for the bathroom to hold soap, cotton swabs and more..

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