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Appliance Garage: My Conflicted Relationship With a Kitchen Cabinet

Updated on September 8, 2014

Where to Store Small Kitchen Appliances

I have a confession to make. I have a beautiful appliance garage in my kitchen I have never used for its intended purpose. I have lived in this house almost nine years, and in all that time I have never figured out how to make this kitchen storage area work for my family.

The appliance garage in my kitchen was here when I bought the house. It takes up valuable counter space I would love to reclaim for food preparation, and the door opens almost right into the kitchen sink. The kitchen's single electrical outlet is inside this cabinet. The whole thing seems poorly planned, and I have often wondered if the previous owners were so disappointed in the outcome of their kitchen remodel that they just put the house on the market and moved away!

Over the years the appliance garage became a place where I stored seldom-used items. I tried storing tall boxes of cereal in there for a while, but it mainly became an area where food went to die. Once anything was in that cabinet, I had a tendency to forget I had it. Eventually I forgot I even had an appliance garage. The entire cabinet just faded away from my consciousness.

Then I bought a new crockpot and discovered it does not fit into the base cabinet where I planned to store it. I mentioned it to my friend recently who said, "You need an appliance garage."

Suddenly I realized I have one of those! However, the thought of storing anything there made me stop once more and ponder. This strange cabinet seems like the last place I would want to stash my appliances.

How about you? Do you have an appliance garage in your kitchen? Do you love it or hate it? Need ideas for how to use your appliance garage? Maybe you are planning a new kitchen, or thinking about retrofitting an appliance garage to an existing kitchen. If so, I hope this page will help you, as I figure out how to use mine!

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A Corner Appliance Garage

Doesn't this look nice? Store your small kitchen appliances in this corner cabinet. They are handy, yet out of sight. Your countertops are bare and your kitchen looks tidy!

What is an Appliance Garage?

An appliance garage, or kitchen garage, is a cupboard fitting between your upper kitchen cabinet and the countertop. It can either be installed in the corner, yielding more interior space, or it can go straight across the countertop. The location where you plan to install it will dictate which one you need to buy.

The appliance garage is twelve inches deep and can be as wide as you like. When you put it on a standard countertop, which is 24-inches deep, a 12-inch work space remains in front of the unit. You can choose between panel doors with side hinges, or tambour doors which lift up similar to the way a regular garage door works.

Store two to four small kitchen appliances inside the kitchen garage. Pull your appliance out to use it. When you are finished, clean the appliance and return it to the garage. The door on the front of the unit keeps the appliance out of sight.

Typically two or three appliances are estimated to fit into a 24-inch unit. Three small appliances will typically fit into a unit that is 27-inches wide. A thirty-inch kitchen garage will usually accommodate three to four appliances.

This handy kitchen cupboard allows you to stash your small appliances close at hand yet out of sight, keeping your countertops clear.

Corner Appliance Garage

Here are more appliance garages designed to fit into the corner of your kitchen counter.

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Traditional Kitchen with Straight Appliance Garages

Appliance garage in a traditional kitchen.
Appliance garage in a traditional kitchen.

I like the appliance garages in this traditional kitchen. The kitchen garage is out of the way, but easily accessed from the main work triangle. In this design, the appliance garage does not encroach on counter space that is needed for food preparation.

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Straight Unit Appliance Garage

If you have the space in your kitchen, perhaps you would like a straight unit appliance garage. These are a great option for a cabinet that is a few steps away from the main work area.

Omega National 30 inch W Omega Series Fronts/Components Straight Unit Appliance Garage, Red Oak
Omega National 30 inch W Omega Series Fronts/Components Straight Unit Appliance Garage, Red Oak

These units come with tambour doors, and are easy to fit. A variety of finishes is available.


Appliance Garage Poll

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Another Appliance Garage Poll

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Let's Talk About Appliance Garages

Do you like appliance garages? Be sure to let us know whether you have one in your kitchen, or used to have a kitchen with an appliance garage!

More Information about Appliance Garages

To find out more about kitchen appliance garages check these websites! These are some of my favorite links to home and garden websites that explore different types of appliance garage styles and how to put them to work in your kitchen. Get design ideas and learn how to organize your appliance garage!

What's in Your Appliance Garage?

Tell the truth! What is in your appliance garage?

More Options for Storing Small Kitchen Appliances

Here are some additional ideas for small appliance storage in the kitchen. Whether or not you have room for an appliance garage, you can find a way to store all of your favorite small appliances. Just check out these handy helpers!

Handy Caddy Sliding Kitchen Under Cabinet Appliance Moving Caddy
Handy Caddy Sliding Kitchen Under Cabinet Appliance Moving Caddy

Tired of scooting your small appliances back and forth on your counter? Put a Handy Caddy under it and simplify your life!


Mixer Lifter

Store your heavy mixer under your counter top. The Rev-a-Shelf will lift it to working height whenever you are ready, and store it away easily.

Roll-out Cabinet Drawer

Eliminate the need to crawl on the floor and dig around for appliances hidden in the back of your cabinet. This roll-out drawer enables you to store needed items in the back of base cabinets and access them quickly and easily.

Wire Shelving Rack for Appliances

If you have a bare wall, but lack cabinet space, add one of these spacious racks to your kitchen and multiply your storage.

Where do you store your small kitchen appliances? In an appliance garage, pantry, cupboard, counter top or someplace else? - What would you store in your applia

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    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 

      5 years ago from Central Florida

      I'm fortunate to have plenty of pull-out shelves and deep drawers below the counter to keep the smaller appliances. The big ones that I use frequently (coffee pot, blender, rice maker and toaster) I just keep them out in the open on the counter.


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