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aquaponics 4 you

Updated on February 22, 2012


Aquaponics 4 you: What is it?

The basic premise of the Aquaponics 4 you system is that by combining two systems; hydroponics and aqua-culture, the problems of both can be avoided. Hydroponics is a system of plant cultivation that suspends the roots of a plant directly in water, with the idea that introducing plant food directly to a root system would result in a better plant yield. Aqua-culture is the process of raising fish in a tank. There are problems inherent in both systems, which disappear when they are combined in the unique system Aquaponics 4 you. The problem with traditional hydroponics is that the resultant plants are bland-tasting, de-mineralized, and under-fed, and the problem with Aqua-culture is that fish produce ammonia, nitrates, and other minerals which creates a toxic environment for the fish and may result in death.

Aquaponics 4 you: What are the benefits?

*Aquaponics 4 you is very nearly "hands off"- the only effort required is the initial set up and planting, daily maintenance requires less than one hour per day.

*Aquaponics 4 you combines hydroponics and aqua-culture, as the natural by-products of fish are ammonia, nitrates, and other minerals are taken up as food by the plants, thus providing an effective filtration system.

*Aquaponics 4 you uses only 2% of the water that ordinary gardening uses, as fresh, plant filtered water is constantly re-circulated

*Aquaponics 4 you has income generating potential both in the sale of the over-abundance of produce, but also in the sale of fish.

*Aquaponics 4 you rapidly generates completely organic produce, with minimum effort, and maximum gain.

Aquaponics 4 you: How is it delivered?

*Aquaponics 4 you is readily available in electronic form, and can be instantly downloaded in PDF format, as an e-book which is packed with tips, tricks, and the layout of the system. An instructional DVD is also mailed.

*There is a 100% satisfaction backed warranty, and a 60-day return policy

*As part of every order, there are several free e-books of similar interest included.


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