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Making Your Garage Door Exterior Work for You

Updated on October 11, 2013

In many exterior home designs, the garage door is a dominate feature. This can be good if the garage door exterior is one that compliments the house’s architectural design, but not so wonderful if the garage door exterior detracts from the beauty of the home or landscaping.

While most would say that the primary job of a garage door is to enclose the garage and keep unwanted elements out, that does not mean that the garage door exterior should not play a starring role –or even be great looking supporting cast- to your home. But, how does one go about having a garage door exterior that compliments their home? Here are some basic Do’s and Don’ts for choosing color---a big part in making your garage door exterior work for you.

  • Do paint the garage doors the same color as the house itself and not the trim color if you want to keep your garage door from standing out like a sore thumb. Also, painting the garage door the same color of your house makes your home look bigger than it actually is---always a plus if you plan on selling your home.
  • Don’t highlight the details of your garage door, by painting it in multiple colors. Yes, there are homes that this might be a good look for, but these homes are few and far between.
  • Do paint the trim around the garage doors to match the trim on other exterior trim color.
  • If you have a brick home, do paint find a paint color that blends with the color of the brick used in your home.
  • Do not highlight the details of a standard garage door by painting it more than one color.
  • Draw the focus away from the garage door by selecting a beautiful color for the front door.
  • Choose a garage door that is in proportion to your needs and the style of your home.
  • If you decide to be purchase a pre-colored door, be sure to consider not only the size and color, but also the number and type of panels.

Your garage door exterior does not have to be a functional eyesore. After all, if you are going to have a garage there is no reason to have it take away from the resale value of your home! Rather, make your garage door exterior work for you—not just in function-ability, but aesthetically, too. Use the tips here for selecting garage door exterior color and so that it is “pretty” and practical. If you are interested in a garage door for your carport, or maybe want to upgrade your existing garage, talk to the garage pros at Premium Garage. They will be happy to help.

Many websites provide additional information on the topic of exterior garage doors. One such site worth visiting is Premium Garage.

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