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Are your Trees Dieing? How to Bring them back to life!

Updated on March 6, 2012

How to Easily Save A Dieing Tree and Stop the Dead Limbs From Popping Up Everywhere...

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Trees are the largest and oldest living organisms on the planet. Most trees start dieing because of malnutrition. Not because they are Diseased or have Insect Pest killing them. They lack fertilization. The Bigger they get the more room in the ground they require to grow. Which means that it makes it easier for the roots to become unhealthy in certain areas of the root system. Each root has its own particular limb that it feeds on the tree. When you have a root that becomes unhealthy then of coarse the limb that is feed by that root starts to die. What normally happens is that the tree runs out of room to grow in the ground, maybe the ground might be to compact in certain areas or it just plainly runs out of fertile soil with nutrients in it to feed on. Trees require a lot of fertilization and they need to eat just like we do. To put nutrients right back into the soil and create room for the roots to grow you need to get the tree trimmed. Of Coarse the more Limbs you take off the more space you will free up in the ground for new roots and also the more fertilization you create for the tree. Making the tree healthier and better rooted. This is what keeps a tree beautiful and young looking. Trimming a tree causes it to become a little stressed but believe it or not this is actually good for it. The best time of year to get most trees trimmed is during the winter months. You can trim your trees in the summer but if you want to do what is best for your trees then I would suggest doing it during the winter. Especially if the tree is already in poor condition.

When you look at a tree its kinda like a mirror affect. Everything you see that is above ground is below ground too. So if you take out a big huge limb on the tree well you also just killed a big root below ground too. Each individual root feeds its own limb above ground. If you remove a limb from the tree then that particular root that feeds that limb dies. Therefore you end up creating space in the ground for new roots to come in and grow. Most important is the fact that when that root dies and decomposes the new roots that are coming in get fertilized from the nutrients that are shed from the old root. So if you have an old dieing tree that is not to far gone then you could easily bring it back to being beautiful and healthy again. Trees that are well maintained increase property value. Once a tree is trimmed correctly then the dead limbs stop popping up every year. Why? Because you just replenished the soil with nutrients from the dead decomposing roots that you created by trimming the tree.. Say You have a really old Oak Tree and It has a ton of dead limbs on it and it just looks like its about to die. Well what you would do is give the tree a really good trim which includes raising it which might consist of you getting to take some bigger limbs off the bottom. Also you want to remove all the dead, do a spruce clean-up and if you can remove a few larger unwanted limbs to create some extra fertilization and space in the ground. Remember that a tree is like a mirror affect... if you have dead on one side of the tree than that is the side where the root is probably unhealthy. So to make that side healthy again you might want to get some limbs removed off of that side.

I recommend that you don't ever try to Trim your own trees because it is very dangerous! Working with Trees is number 2 in the top 10 Most Dangerous jobs. The reason for this is because of all the fatalities for workers on the job. These are guys who are actually trained to do it. homeowners get hurt doing there trees than any other task you can try to perform around the house. Call a Local Tree Service to get an estimate its not worth losing your life to save a buck.

Written By: Chris Green

Affordable Tree Service

Saving a Tree could End up Saving you... Don't hesitate to have your trees looked at!

You would be surprised at how much different an Old Dieing Tree will look after getting a trimmed by a Professional Tree Trimmer. If a tree is over 40 years old and has never been trimmed then it could very well be dangerous. If you don't get it trimmed then anyone who goes close to the tree could be at risk. People don't realize it cause they have never experienced it. Here is a link to a You Tube clip where a little boy was killed by a falling tree branch.

There are several benefits to getting your trees serviced. It increases the value of your home. Your homeowner''s insurance goes down once you get it done which saves you money. You don't have to worry about a limbs falling and hurting somebody or damaging something. You save money in the long run by keeping them healthy so that you don't have to get them removed. Tree Removal isn't cheap. The most important factor of all is that you can't see what is going on in the top of a tree. What If you have cracked or rotted places on limbs up in the tree that you don't know about? It could result in the limb falling at anytime which could result in it hitting you, one of your family members or someone else. People are killed every year from falling limbs. People that are just out in the yard cutting grass or playing with their kids. If you have Kids then you definitely don't want them playing around a 100 year old Oak Tree that has never been serviced. The comparison on how much it could cost between just doing the maintenance on a tree and getting it removed could cost you up to 40 times more than what it would have cost if you would have just done the regular maintenance. So Keeping a Tree Healthy will save you one way or the other in the long run. Trees that are kept up create mood altering sceneries that relax you. . They give you a sense of peace and serenity. When you step out into your yard and the landscape is beautiful there is just something about it. Keep in mind that trees are very dangerous and don't try to do it yourself. Let a Professional handle it for you.

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