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Best Area Rugs For The Kitchen

Updated on January 4, 2013

Kitchen Friendly Area Rugs & Cooking Mats

There are basically two different types of area rugs that are used in the kitchen. There are those that are purely decorative like the coffee rug pictured to the left and there are those that are functional, acting like a padded cooking mat first.

Below I've featured a whole host of kitchen style area rugs and padded cooking mats. Most are decorative rugs but for those looking for a cooking mat you may find something you are looking for below as well.

I hope you find something that helps round out your home decor below.

Photo Credit - Braided Coffee Style Kitchen Rug by Achim Importing

Kitchen Area Rugs That Cushion Your Feet While You Cook

Lots of people that spend ample time in the kitchen swear by the usefulness of the kitchen mat. They cushion the feet while you work and the longer you are in the kitchen the more beneficial these mats are. Below you'll find a number of kitchen mats and larger area rugs that take some of the strain off of standing and look really great too. Hopefully you see something below that you like.

Runner Rugs Can Also Work Well In A Kitchen

If you don't want to buy a standard kitchen rug you can always buy a runner rug and place it along side a counter top. So long as you don't spend too much money and stick with rugs that are easy to clean you should be able to get a nice kitchen rug that minimizes foot fatigue while you are at the counter. Here are a few good runner rugs for the kitchen along with a link to more long area rugs for the home.

Here are more long rugs for the home. These would be perfect for hallways or (in some cases) for the kitchen.

Extra Long Area Rugs For The Hallway
Long and narrow area rugs can be used for anything you want but they are traditionally known as area rug runners or rug runners. They can vary in size but th...

More Top Area Rugs To Accesorize The Home

If you're looking to spruce up your kitchen chances are good that you may want to accessorize other parts of the home too. See the following pages for top decorative area rugs in various styles.

Top Rated 8x10 Area Rugs For The Living Room
The 8x10 area rug is one of the most common sizes of rugs and it's perfect for most people in their living room. Whether you use it as a runner for an open s...

The Best Round Area Rugs For Any Room
I love round area rugs because they are typically the perfect accessory to finish any design idea you may have. Whether you are decorating a kid's room, furn...

If you are on a tighter budget then stick to the following page which is limited to only the cheapest area rugs for sale today.

Cheap Area Rugs That Look Awesome
Area rugs can be wildly expensive if you don't shop around. In some regard they are better rugs than cheaper alternatives but in large part you can usually g...

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