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Area Rugs For Kids Rooms: Boys Or Girls Rugs

Updated on January 4, 2013

The Best Kid's Room Area Rugs For Sale

The trouble with bedroom decor for kids is that it is often too childish for many kids to enjoy as they get older. I feel that rugs in a nursery are vastly different than an area rug you place in a boys or girls room.

Much like the rug in the photo to the left I have featured a large variety of area rugs that most boys and girls would like even as they get a bit older. Most of these rugs are unisex however some would be more appropriate for a boys room or a girls room.

I hope you find something that would work well for your child or children below.

Photo Credit - Lusy Blom Rug by Ikea

Great Area Rugs For Girls

The following rugs would be perfect for a little girls room. In most cases these rugs would also look great in a teenage girls room meaning you shouldn't have to worry about your daughter outgrowing the style.

My Favorite Area Rugs For Boys

Like the girls rugs featured above I've tried to feature only those rugs that would look good in a young boys room as well as a teenager's room. These rugs should be appealing to boys of almost all ages giving you a bit of longevity with your purchase.

Cheap Traditioanl Area Rugs Also Work Good For Kids

If you don't exactly want to get a rug for your child that is designed as a kids rug one of the best alternatives is to get a standard 8x10 area rug in simple pattern. Some geometric patters also make great options for kids as they don't look too sophisticated but they don't scream children either. See the following pages for more along these lines. I'd stick to the cheaper rugs for the kids room though.

Area Rugs That Look Like Stairs
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Cheap Area Rugs That Look Awesome
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Top Rated 8x10 Area Rugs For The Living Room
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Quality Rugs For Nurseries

Want to deck out your toddler's room or nursery with a fine rug. The following rugs are found on eBay as of right now and available for immediate sale.

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