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Area Rugs That Look Like Stairs

Updated on April 7, 2013

Stair Shaped Area Rugs Make A Nice Interior Design Element To Any Home

Looking for an area rug that looks like stairs or zig zags? It's kind of hard to find a lot of these in one place but there are actually plenty to choose from.

The rug to the left is actually labeled a zig-zag design but it's close enough in my book to stair steps and it looks great too.

Below I've featured many additional rugs in various price ranges that all have the zig-zag, stair step design. Hopefully at least one of these will look perfect in your home.

Photo Credit - DwellStudio Zig Zag Lapis 5x8 Rug

Zig-Zag & Stair Step Area Rugs

Each of the following rugs can be purchased on Amazon where shipping rates tend to be very attractive. Most of these rugs are made of wool and some are even machine washable. I have not sorted these rugs by size either so if you are looking for a particular size or shape you will have to see that product page for actual dimensions. Having said that most rugs are sold in 5x8 or 8x10 sizes, the most common area rug sizes of them all.

Be Inspired By These Attractive Area Rugs

A stair shaped design is basically a twist on an architectural design style. If you are not set in stone on a stair pattern make sure to see the following pages which feature many area rugs in modern and contemporary styles. Many geometric designs can be found as well as a few things you might like that you'd never have thought of on your own.

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Also, don't forget to get a good rug pad. They are very helpful for hardwood floors in particular.

Best Area Rug Pads For Hardwood Floors
If you have hard wood floors then you absolutly have to get padding for any area rug you get. Most rugs will slide around on wooden floors and if you get the...

Vintage Chevron Pattern Rugs

The stair stepped pattern is sometimes called a zig-zag or chevron pattern. It has been a classic geometric pattern for a long time. Vintage collectors should love some of the offerings listed below. Each is available on eBay from individual sellers and distributors typically liquidating inventory. Every listing below is one of a kind and active as of right now.

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