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An Armoire Desk Can Help You to Set Up a Home Office Easily

Updated on June 4, 2012

When you refer to a armoire desk you are referring to a writing table that is part of a large cabinet. Such a desk will have doors that will close and keep the table hidden and free of dust, and also allow any room to look uncluttered and neat.

The Concept of an Armoire Desk

Such desks are more in use in homes and small offices, with most offices preferring to go in for pedestal desks and cubicles made from them. While the armoire has been in existence for hundreds of years, the modern day adaption now permits such desks to be used for computers, and besides the normal shelves will contain sliding shelves to accommodate keyboards and other computer equipment. Earlier versions of armoire desks were quite often objects of art and involved very decorative features. Such armoire desks are even now considered as antique collection pieces that have a very high value. The roll top armoire desk is one that is even now highly priced in antique furniture sales. Here a rolling shutter replaces any doors. The advantage in such a roll top desk is that there are no shutters standing out from the desk, which can sometimes become an obstruction to free movement.

Modern Day Armoire Desk

The computer armoire desk of recent times houses the computer and all its peripherals. Connecting all of these requires a fair bit of planning and this requires openings to be made for the various cable to connect the hardware and other cables for power. You can have a computer desk that can have fixed working surfaces or others that slide in and out. Some such desks have hinged work surfaces, but these will need the interior of the desk to be kept clear, so that the work surfaces can be shifted and the doors closed.

An armoire desk must be of a size and design that does not cause a room to look crowded. A well made desk can add to the d├ęcor in a room and enable computers and other stuff to be kept hidden from view. This does add to the general neatness in a room, something highly priced by proud housewives.

Before you go in for the purchase of a computer armoire desk you need to measure the room and decide on the location of the desk. This may at times get determined by such things like windows to let in light, positions of electrical and other required connections for the computer. The material that you use for the making of the desk has to fit in with the looks of the existing furniture and must not look incongruous. While you can always make the desk out of good wood, the use and availability of modern day laminates gives a lot of scope to any interior design. You also need to decide on the computer and peripherals that you require to house in the armoire desk, as this can quite often decide sizes.

An armoire desk must be seen as one that has a lot of utility and can greatly ease the working of people, especially when you operate from home. This corner of the room, with the armoire desk, can transform completely into an office, that can allow you to practices you profession with ease.


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