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Asymetric Bathroom Vanities

Updated on January 23, 2015

Tired of not having enough space on your bathroom counter top, but don't have enough space to upgrade to a double vanity? If you have a small bathroom, chances are you have a small bathroom vanity, and there is never any room for everything you need to fit on that counter. If this is oyur story, never fear. Have you thought of trying an asymetric bathroom vanity?

Asymetric bathroom vanities - or off-center vanities - are vanity cabinets where the sink is NOT centered in the middle of the counter top. Instead, the sink is off to one side, allowing for a larger uninterrupted stretch of counter space either to the left or the right.

Learn more about the Wyndham Acclaim vanity - a versatile small vanity that maximizes counter space - at

This bathroom vanity style is great in a full bathroom where you want to maximize space for your toiletries, toothbrush, blow dryer, etc. Check out these great styles below and get ready to stop diving after rolling lotion bottles that keep falling off your too-small counter!

Small Bathroom Tip #1

Maximize Counter Space by choosing an off-center sink vanity when you are buying a 36" vanity!

Looking for a 36" Vanity?

Why 36 is the magic number for Asymetric Vanities?

The standard width for an under mount sink is 16".These sinks are usually placed in the center of the vanity leaving a small, awkward space for the counter on either side. In a 36" vanity, placing the sink off-center with a 4" margin to the left of it, you end up with 16" of space to the right. This is just enough room to comfortable place your toiletries without constantly worrying that they will fall into the sink or onto the floor.

Wyndham Acclaim vanity
Wyndham Acclaim vanity

Wyndham Acclaim

A 36" Asymetric Vanity

If you only have space for a 36" vanity, you know that counter space will be tight. Maximize it by choosing an asymetric - or off-center - vanity that places the sink to the side to allow for more counter space. The Wyndham Acclaim is the perfect vanity for your powder room of guest bathroom when you expect occasional guests. The expanded counter space to the right of the sink makes a comfortable resting place for makeup bags, blowdryer, or whatever else your guests need.

The Wyndham Acclaim comes in white or espresso finish and can be customized with a wide variety of counter top options - including 38 shades of Caesarstone! It is made from solid oak and comes with rectangular undermount porcelain sinks. This vanity makes great use of it's small size with drawers, and concealed storage under the sink in addition to the maximized counter space.

The Wyndham Acclaim is my top pick in Asymetric bathroom vanities. Read the customer reviews on to learn more

A Modern Asymetric Sink Vanity

Get a clean, modern look with the Fresca Caro vanity

I think the asymetric or off-centered vanity look works particularly well with a modern bathroom vanity. One manufacturer who does this look particularly well is Fresca with this new Fresca Caro 36" wall mount vanity.

Looking for clean, modern style? The Fresca Caro is a great off-center sink vanity choice.

The Fresca Caro uses a porcelain trough-style sink atop a natural wood wall mounted cabinet. Abundant drawer space and maximized counter space to the right of the sink make this an ideal piece for your modern powder room or guest bath. And the best part? Buy it from and get a FREE faucet - choose from their selection right on the page. My pick you ask?I would go for the Bevera in chrome which echos the squared shape of this vanity.

traditional 36 inch off center vanity
traditional 36 inch off center vanity

Traditional Off Center Bathroom Vanities

Silkroads makes high quality asymetrical vanities

When I think of Asymetric bathroom vanities I always think of Silkroads. Silkroads is a quality bathroom manufacturer with styles running along more traditional lines. They manufacture solid wood vanities with grante and marble counter tops and sell them online at a great value. Their selection of 36" off center vanities include antique, traditional and transitional styles, and most can be found on for great prices.

The Kimberly 36" Single Sink Bathroom Vanity Cabinet maximizes counter space with its off-centered sink design

If your home is on the traditional side, be sure to check out the full collection of Silkroads vanities on


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