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Attic Floor Storage

Updated on December 28, 2012

I was just in the attic the other day, looking for a place to store our Christmas ornaments. In this new house, the attic is like any other attic I've been in: dusty, with a few, scattered boards.

If you are planning on using your attic for storage -- and, if you are sure it is strong enough -- than you really need to find a good way to install a floor in your attic to set your boxes on.

One of the major concerns with flooring your attic is that it decreases the amount of insulation you can add up there. So only add the flooring that you are sure you will need.

Probably the most common idea is to take 4x8 sheets of 1/2" plywood, cut them in half, and then screw them down in the attic.

But if you are looking for something that will let your insulation breathe a little better, check out these attic flooring systems

Attic Dek Flooring System

This option is my favorite. It is priced very competitively with plywood, but it has holes in it to make it easier for the insulation to breathe and to allow proper air circulation. Additionally, these pieces are lighter and more flexible than plywood to keep from straining your joists.

With no measuring or cutting, you simply lay out the Attic Dek squares the way you want them and then screw them in place. Plus, they are easy to get up into the attic -- even if you only have a tiny crawlspace.

This stuff is a GODSEND - Amazon Reviewer

Before You Order Know whether you need 16" or 24" for the joists in your attic. Simply measure the space between your joists to get the right size.

16" x 16" Attic Dek PanelsCHECK PRICE

24" x 16" Attik Dek PanelsCHECK PRICE

Attic Maxx Truss Storage

Most attic floor storage systems are designed for storing items in the main area of the attic. There really are not any good systems for storing items in the eaves of the attic.

There are several good reasons to store things in the eves. To begin with, it enables you to keep from compressing the insulation over the main part of the house to help prevent losing R-Value.

Additionally, it allows you to direct the weight of your items towards an outside supporting wall to help keep from overloading your joists.

AtticMaxx Shelving SystemCHECK PRICE

What do you keep in your attic?

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    • profile image

      boutiqueshops 4 years ago

      Oh I need these so bad! I don't keep anything in our attic because it's just scary up there, LOL. But this attic floor storage ideas sound great. Thanks for the information!