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removing old attic types wood insulation (chips,sawdust,shavings)ways to save energy bills

Updated on January 23, 2012

Attic insulation and save money on energy bills

With growing population , demand for the energy rises.And due to production costs , the energy cost also rises.Especially the electrical bills are appearing to be more concern. Whether you live in cold countries or hot countries , the requirement of electrical equipments and money spend on energy bills is substantial. So, tackling the energy bills and controlling the same is essential for modern life.

More techniques are talked about to control the energy bills . Starting from energy saving fluorescent bulbs, solar energy systems both for heating and cooking. When we talk about the comfort and tackling the heat and cold , we can't forget about the attic insulations, which saves us lot of energy and reducing  the energy bills.

Apart from moderate temperature countries, this attic insulation will mostly helpful for both cold and hot countries where you must use both electric heaters and air conditioners.

Insulation removal

cellulose insulation

Attic insulation
Attic insulation | Source
fiber glass
fiber glass | Source
vermiculite | Source

various types of attic insulation

When we talk about the attic insulation,the R value of the insulation material should be known. The R value depends on thickness and density of the insulation material.If you are using multi-layered insulation material , you must consider the thickness and density of each and every layer.R-value chosen depends on climatic conditions and the type of heating and cooling systems that we required.Some of the insulation materials used for attic insulation as follows;

1. Sawdust / wood shavings / wood chips

Saw dust and wood shavings and wood chips also can be used as insulation materials. But it has its own limitations. Subject to infestation and pyrolysis due to heat. For remedial solution they use percentage lime .

2. Cellulose or vermiculite loose filling

Always loose filling is recommended for this type of cellulose and vermiculite insulation materials , because of the irregular joist spacing and lighting or other type of obstruction.

3. Fiber glass or mineral wool rolls usage

There are two types of density available in fiber glass or mineral wool rolls. This type of material is mostly preferred , because use friendly and easy to replace.

Recommended R- value can be attained by calculating the requirement of insulation. This may vary depends on building and place.In general , recommended R-value for old buildings is around 38 and for new buildings between 45- 50.


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    • whitton profile image

      whitton 7 years ago

      Great Hub. I like the videos you have in your article on how to install and remove insulation.