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Aunt Jemima Cookie Jar: Why are people buying Mammy Cookie Jars?

Updated on February 27, 2013

Mammy Cookie Jars as Black Americana Collectibles

Aunt Jemima and mammy cookie jars are throwbacks to a time that Americans still struggle to deal with today. We sometimes try to live with a revisionist version of history. The fact is though, that before the second half of the twentieth century, America was not a very kind place to many African Americans. Instead of denying a difficult time in our country's past, many have chosen to commemorate it. Black Americana is quite popular as a collectible. We must learn and understand our history if we are to avoid repeating it.

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Mammy Cookie Jars on eBay

These jars are quite rare now and vintage examples can be quite expensive. If you are buying, be sure to ask questions about any chipping, paint issues, and repairs that have been made to the cookie jar. Even damaged ceramics can hold some good value, but not nearly as much as pieces that are well preserved.

Why do people collect Black Americana?

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