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Awnings For Garden Shade

Updated on November 22, 2012

The Benefits Of Awnings For Shade In Your Garden

Let's discuss awnings and their uses. Firstly, awnings are functional. They can help keep us cool in summer and protect us when it is raining or windy. Secondly, they are great looking and will add a touch of style to any building. Window awnings will also protect the furniture inside your home from the sun's destructive rays.

Furniture can become damaged by the sun in a very short time. Without an awning on the windows, you have to be sure to close the drapes whenever the sunlight streams in. Not only can furniture start to fade and crack, but other appliances like TV sets, computers and sound systems can also be affected when exposed to direct sunlight.

Shade Sail Ideas

Outdoor protection for you and your family is just as important. We all know how harmful UV rays are and that we should be careful when outdoors. We all love spending time outside enjoying a barbecue with friends and relatives, but this is not good for our skin. If you erect an attractive awning over your entertainment area, you will be doing a lot to protect your skin and reduce the risks of skin cancer.

You can get an awning that will cover the entire area of your deck or patio. Some awnings even come with a remote control. With a push of a button, the entire awning will be erected in a little more than a minute! Awnings that are installed on your windows will keep your home cooler in the hot summer months. They will also cut down on your energy costs because your air con will not have to work so hard.

UV Protection From Your Awning

Many awnings are made with materials that protect against UV rays, even on the hottest, sunniest of days. Research has shown that if you are sitting in the shade of an awning, you can be protected against 98 percent of UV rays. In fact, many awning manufacturers have received the stamp of approval from the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Now that we have discussed the sun, what about the inconvenience of rain? Does this next scenario sound familiar? You have organized a special birthday party, or some other occasion, outdoors. All the guests arrive and everyone is having a great time.

The food is there, the drink is there, the music is playing and, all of a sudden, there's a mighty downpour of rain! Well you can avoid such a catastrophe with an awning! Just flick the remote and, as already mentioned, the awning will cover the entire area in a minute. Then let the party continue rocking!

Canvas Awnings

Canvas is a very popular choice of fabric for awnings. They can be placed almost anywhere and come in lovely designs and colors. If you choose a retractable canvas awning, you can control the amount of sunlight coming into the room. If you want more light, you retract the awning, and if you want less light you release it outwards.

Canvas awnings usually carry a 5 year warranty because they are so strong and durable. The canvas is fade resistant and does not absorb water so the awnings will last for years. You can choose either a straight-edged hem, or the scalloped type. Striped awnings look really attractive. Awning frames are usually made of aluminum or rust-proof bronze.

Awnings are not restricted to home use. They offer the same aesthetic appeal and practicality for office buildings and shops. Many commercial awnings are made with aluminum because they are easier to clean. Just a quick hose-down every now and then will have them sparking like new.

Choosing Your Awning

If you own a cafe and serve guests in an outdoor area, an awning is essential. If the area is very large, you may need a couple of large sized ones. Dome-shaped awnings are a favorite with cafe owners because they provide adequate shade without restricting the patron's personal space.

You can get your awnings customized to match the ambiance of your cafe. You will be able to serve food and drinks in any type of weather knowing that your patrons are cool and comfortable. Not to mention keeping them dry when it rains. If you serve food inside your cafe, you can still put an attractive awning over the doorway.

Choosing your awning could be a lengthy procedure, simply because the choices are endless. This is where internet shopping comes in so handy. Not only can you view the various types, sizes, colors, patterns and designs, but ordering is quick and simple. So if you are in the market for awnings, get the family together, make a pot of popcorn and turn the PC on.

Find Out More About Awnings And Other Shade Solutions

Shade Sails provide a very stylish alternative to the more traditional garden awning. To discover more about the advantages of Sail Shades and view a selection of different sail shade products available for purchase on-line and with free delivery, visit Shade Sails France.

To read more about the benefits of Shade Sails, please take a look at this article which goes in to much more detail on the benefits of Shade Sails

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