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Nursery Ideas

Updated on September 27, 2017

Vintage Nursery


A Vintage and Affordable Nursery

Preparing for the arrival of a new baby

It all started with a search for the perfect curtains - a task that was not easy to complete. Having not sewn in 15 years, I decided to sew my own curtains for the baby-to-be, and I haven't stopped sewing since! The rest of the room theme followed, simply because of the curtains and the fabric I chose. I had no end result in mind, just revamped what I had around the house, did some second hand shopping, hired some painters to do the job since I was on bedrest while expecting. The three main colours I chose were green, white and brown. Once our baby arrived and we discovered we had a girl, we were able to throw in some pops of pink in the bedroom!

Sewn Curtains



Sewing curtains

Sewing back tab curtains while crawling around on the floor seven months pregnant was not my first choice but came about by the lack of curtains available to purchase.

The beautiful vintage inspired fabric came to about $3 a meter on clearance. Added to that was curtain lining (for black-out curtains) and clearance co-ordinating fabric for the crib bedding.

The curtains were hung with curtain rod found in the garage and tie-backs were sewn from this tutorial attaching to cup hooks screwed in to the wall.

Curtain Tie-Backs

Simple tie-backs with a "D" ring and little brass hooks.
Simple tie-backs with a "D" ring and little brass hooks. | Source

To sew or not to sew.

How do you find curtains for your room?

See results

Upcycled Lamp


Preparing for the Many Sleepless Nights

A DIY Lamp!

The nightstand above I had already had for 5 years. Bought it at the thrift store for a few dollars with the top missing, I repainted it white and had my woodworking genius Dad make the top for me. He chose a walnut top and stained it for me too, while I polyurethaned to finish it off. I love the contrast of white and dark! The glass knobs were from a local country store for about $5 each.

The Lamp

I found the cutest lamp at the thrift store for $1! I decided to keep it black so that it would match the rocking chair. The lampshade was just a cheap $5 one from Walmart that I wanted to try my hand at recovering. I sprayed it with spray-on glue ($5) and rolled the left-over curtain fabric onto it. I wasn't happy with how messy the inside looked, so I hot glued a strip of matching ribbon on the inside.

You can find great how-to's and lamp recovering tips here at Sweetie Pie Pumpkin Noodle and All Things Lovely.

What's your style? - Clocks are essential for keeping up with those midnight feedings.

A clock is essential!

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a clock for your baby's room. Digital is very nice as it has a glow to it. Analog is my favourite, as they seem to have so much character, though some people find the ticking annoying in the quiet of the night. I like to think that sound would be soothing to a new baby who is used to all kinds of noises in the womb.

Thrift Store Treasures!

The lamp, the night stand, the letter "A", the chair, the stool...I love a good treasure hunt!
The lamp, the night stand, the letter "A", the chair, the stool...I love a good treasure hunt! | Source



Put Your Feet Up

Fringed thrift store finds - matching stool and chair!

This fringed stool was purchased for $4 at a local thrift store. Already the colour of the baby room theme, all they needed was a light cleaning! The top of the footstool opens to reveal handy baby shoes storage.

Also purchased at a local thrift store to match the foot stool is a fringed chair (pictured above) for $6. Such a sweet display stand for little teddies to rest on, and perfect for later years to sit at a makeup table.

The teddy bears pictured were gifts and the pretty blue dress-up shoes (shown under the chair) were also found at the thrift store.

Pretty Baskets


Organize and Label

And add a little vintage decor!

Baby clothes are sorted by month and placed into labeled white Ikea baskets . The labels are made from scrapbookpaper for the labels, written on with label maker attached with twine. Fabric flowers were hand-made with extra curtain material and pinned onto the wicker baskets.

A vintage motif is made combining old and new family items. A vintage doll from my mother-in-law, my husband's baby shoes, my childhood tea cups and a new baby bonnet. Vintage decor and sentimentality at no cost!

As Cute as a Button

Little flower, button center, frayed edges and a labeled basket of happiness.
Little flower, button center, frayed edges and a labeled basket of happiness. | Source

Sleep Tight Little Bug!

Sleep Tight Little Bug!
Sleep Tight Little Bug! | Source

Framed Vintage Sewing Patterns - Perfect artistic addition!

Vintage sewing patterns from Ebay in an Ikea picture frame!
Vintage sewing patterns from Ebay in an Ikea picture frame! | Source

Framed Vintage Dress - My childhood dress brought to new life!

Cut a dowel rod, tie a ribbon, hang a vintage dress from your childhood, paint a picture frame and tack the ribbon on!
Cut a dowel rod, tie a ribbon, hang a vintage dress from your childhood, paint a picture frame and tack the ribbon on! | Source

So dreamy!

So dreamy!
So dreamy! | Source

Baby's First Christmas Gift Ideas

Find gift that can be kept through the years, be built to last and have a story behind it. I love finding things I wished I had, or things fondly remember from my my dad's coin banks, or his vintage train set. Or my mom's vintage doll, her charm bracelet, or her necklace made from the paper beads she had created.

Hand made bedding


Baby's First Christmas - For each of my three baby's first Christmas, I wanted to give them something special.

They did not need toys to play with at this age, and I knew that by the time they are school aged, having a special momento from their first Christmas as a baby would be something they would treasure and even bring to show & tell at school.

I wanted to choose something that would last them a lifetime. For my daughter, I chose the little painted iron lamb that sits on her windowsill in the above photo.

For my oldest son, I chose a tiny vintage looking wood cupboard, and for my middle child, I chose an iron vintage replica horse drawn fireman's carriage.

I love that they have items that will last 50 years and that can be passed down to their future children!

Vintage Mobile


Sew Your Own Bedding

Sheets, Duvet Cover and a Neckroll

I had so much fun sewing this little neckroll. It turned out too big for my original plan to have it go under my arm while nursing in the rocking chair, but it looks great in her crib!

I loved the idea I found online of sewing your own crib sheet. With kicking off their blankets half the time or picking their own favourite blanket, regardless of your decor, investing in some cute sheets sounded like a great idea!

I fell in love with this paisley pattern and enjoyed learning how to sew a french seam while making this bed sheet.

Sewing a duvet cover with co-ordinating curtain fabric was an affordable and cute idea to cover my existing Winnie-the-Pooh baby bedding. With two fabrics to add some pizzaz and velcro at the bottom, it was easy to sew and is easy to clean!

It is not recommended to use bumper pads in your crib anymore, yet most "nursery sets" still include a bumper pad, which equals wasted money. And once again, when your baby bunting starts to develop their own tastes and sense of security with a specific blanket, you will not even use your matching, pricey bed spread!

Change Station

A new coat of paint is all this shelf needed!
A new coat of paint is all this shelf needed! | Source

Change Table


The Mobile

My most favourite part - choosing the mobile! Oh there were so many ideas!

I finally settled on the most cost-effective one for me.

I took my existing Winnie-the-Pooh mobile and sewed a cover for the arm. Then I took some sweet little dolls and their accessories that I had and strung fishing line through them. To make them stay in the little slots on the mobile arms, I sewed little squares and strung the fishing line through that as well.

When she outgrows her mobile, starts standing and gets too tall that she starts to pull it down, I will just take the mobile down, cut the dolls loose and she will be able to play with them!

Diaper Changing Entertainment!

This Christmas decoration fit the cute and vintage factor, and served as great diaper changing entertainment.
This Christmas decoration fit the cute and vintage factor, and served as great diaper changing entertainment. | Source

The Changing Table

A $3 wall shelf found at a garage sale works perfectly to hold all the lotions, oils and powders for the changing station. I put a coat of white paint on the shelf, but didn't want to change the existing red inside.

On top of the shelf is a shadow box from the thrift store which I put some old booties and matching hat I'd had from my Grandma. The two little bunnies resting on the shelf were dug out of my husbands treasure box from when he was a baby! There is a glass jar from the dollar store where I can easily find hair accessories for my baby girl.

I fixed up my existing change table a little and sewing the matching change pad cover was good practice before tackling my curtains and duvet cupboard. The rummaged my house for some matching baskets to hold baby's clothes, bedding and diapers. My baby came 5 weeks early. Being so exhausted from all the care having a preemie requires, and having to wait so long before she fit into normal sized baby clothes, I ended up labeling all my baskets as I kept forgetting what I all had and where it all was.

Cradle Cap Tip

My favourite thing to use on my babies cradle cap is a simple nail brush from the dollar store. After a little oil sits on their scalp, or right after a bath, the nail brush is stronger than a baby brush but gentler than a comb.

More Labels!

Baskets, twine, and labels made from a paper bag!
Baskets, twine, and labels made from a paper bag! | Source

Vintage Ceramic Bunnies

Ceramic bunnies from my husbands' childhood - so sweet!
Ceramic bunnies from my husbands' childhood - so sweet! | Source

Framed vintage botanical print


Sweet Pea

I searched for the perfect print for our "Sweet Pea" to display in her room, and discovered the beautiful Curtis Botanical Magazine , which began in 1787. Perfect for a vintage room! I found the images I wanted online, and sent it off to get printed as a 5x7 photograph for my picture frame.

Capturing Life's Moments - Our Sweet Pea in person!

Our Sweet Pea was so tiny and is so cute, we flaunted her a little extra to win a contest with this here video entry!

Rocking Horse

An almost vintage rocking horse - handed down from a friend, who's brother made it 20 years ago!
An almost vintage rocking horse - handed down from a friend, who's brother made it 20 years ago! | Source

We commemorated our Sweet Pea's first birthday with a cake smash video and photo shoot!

I am so in love with this room! It is the one room I can keep exactly how I want it...until my daughter develops a mind and taste of her own. I'd love to hear your thoughts or see rooms you have completed!

What are your thoughts? - Let me know you stopped by!

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    • profile image


      6 months ago

      Monster theme sounds thrilling, would love to explore some interesting ideas for nursery.


    • somergreat48 profile image


      5 years ago

      I am in the process of upgrading my rooms and I wish I had your knack for style. Very nice Lens!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      this is a great idea! thinking of making the same one for my future baby. thanks for sharing.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Beatiful lens

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Beatiful lens


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