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Bamboo Sheets are the Epitome of Luxury

Updated on December 22, 2017
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It is wonderful to investigate, gain knowledge and know how before making major decisions in life. Knowledge is power.

The difference between cotton and bamboo products is immediately identifiable. These linens are even antibacterial

Sheets and towels are linen commonly found in every house. These simple items are found at retailers in every size and color imaginable. Along with variations in the color are choices in size, style and even material.

More than a few individuals have a preference for the materials used for the bed linens. An enormous part of the population enjoys cotton. Whether it is 100% cotton or a cotton blended with another fiber, like polyester. Blissfully unaware another great choice like bamboo exists.

Cotton is the most popular

The amount of money in a budget generally has an impact on what form is chosen. Cotton, linen and satin are characteristically on most retailers shelves. The appeal of cotton is the overall price and durability. Though, it does have the least expensive costs when compared with others. Even within these categories are different pricing structures. Yet there is one not as well known, bamboo.

It seems people know a lot more about cotton than other varieties. Bamboo is an extremely beneficial style. The obvious attraction held over others in the marketplace are so many colors and forms. However, there are more allures along with the visual attractiveness and the draw of extreme comfort.

Users tout the benefits of bamboo sheets over all others. There happens to be a number of advantages. These are detailed here to help influence the next shopping trip for linens. Try out these unique bed coverings. Find out what makes them so popular.


Every one looks into living a better and healthier lifestyle. Improving the overall well being of a body. The other fabrics discussed here are certainly not contributing to an illness for most folks. However, improvement without doing anything on the users part is pretty darn good. Find out why folks are using a healthy source when choosing this one form of sheets.


Besides dirt and dust mites, other unsanitary things lay in wait under the covers. In fact, more than a few of these materials unintentionally make people feel ill. Simply being in the same atmosphere is enough to feel ill. This is why choosing a set of these is popular among users concerned with certain situations.

The product has a much higher amount of anti-bacterial qualities than the average set of cotton sheets. The uncontaminated pull is a wonderful trait to possess. This is a natural attribute not diminished or lost during manufacture of the product. Even produced elsewhere and shipped to America does not affect the natural quality which exists.

There are plants used in all sorts of retail product manufacturing which lose some special traits during processing procedures. This is not one of them. Those things distinguishable during the growth process are still found after arriving at the ready to ship state.

A great example of a product which loses a number of natural qualities is flowers. This is a wonderful example since these are used during by sheet producers in abundant supplies. For instance, flowers aid in coloring fabric.

While losing those elements, unfortunately the maker of sheets is not able to reinsert or reinvent these during construction. The opposite holds true from seedling to the final product of bamboo sheets.

Not only are these anti-bacterial from the field to the store, but there is an anti-fungal quality as well. Both combined for an extremely hygienic place to lay down at night.

One very grateful customer is new mommies. Nothing but the best and natural fibers are ideal for any newborn. Being out in the world on a daily basis is scary. There are a countless number of foreign bodies and other sources of dirt and germs all around them in this strange new world. Lessening the worry for mom and baby is a good thing.


Allergies do more than simply bother millions of people each day. For sufferers going to bed is not always pleasant. Generally there is sneezing and coughing because sheets hold and collect what effects those patients the most.

In point of act, there are those individuals who feel the worst impact of allergen at bedtime. The most impacted are those who have asthma. Asthma attacks are not uncommon given the right circumstances. a combination of dirt, dust mites, dog or cat hair and other things clinging to the sheets hold a lot of blame. Though, knowing the bedding is responsible for lessening the effects gives a piece of mind.

Some local retail markets sell a variety.


Anti-fungal comes with the territory of the type of plant bamboo is. While growing, farmers use no pesticides This is not by choice, there is no need. A natural resource resides inside of each plant.

The chemical is used to deter insects and deletes a place for fester. No bacteria and fungus brings up another fascinating charm and appeal for these kinds of sheets.


Numerous studies performed display how unpolluted these happen to be. The China Industrial Testing Center released a comprehensive research study to prove it. This does not mean no washing is ever needed. The need to launder is there, simply is not as often as others.

Competitors in the marketplace have products which require much more frequent laundering. Less rough and tumble in the washer and dryer make the lifespan of these increase when compared with others as well.

The study conducted the scientist in China actually infected pairs with staphylococcus bacteria (staph infection) during a 24 hour period. After the 24 hours results displayed the repel lever of over 99% of the staph infection.

This is undeniable proof of the sterile unpolluted characteristic held by the product. are one of the best, if not the best kind of anti-bacterial sheets on the market today.


High graded ones present the epitome of luxury. To say the least, its difficult to find any cotton set to equate to a high end set of these items. After a long hard day getting into the luxury is great night's rest. Depending on an individuals choice, there are more than enough top notch ones to pick from.


By putting more than one plant together in one product, blending takes place. The combination is formed with cotton and bamboo. Shoppers are able to purchase either one or the other or a combination of both. The blended sheets are more comfortable than simple cotton alone, but doesn't compare with the 100% bamboo sheets according to user reviews.

Egyptian properties

Bamboo sheets have more than a few elements which resemble some of the properties of other high quality sheets. More than a few of the materials used to make these remind users of Egyptian cotton sheets, silk and others. Reviews have put these on the same level as sleeping on much more expensive forms of bed clothes.

With all of the advantages of these types of sheets it is a wonder there are none of the negatives. Though this is what makes them the perfect set of sheets. When all is said and done the advantages definitely outweigh any of the disadvantages (which are few),

In conclusion

These are the perfect gift and work well for a variety of different folks. Quite a few stores carry them in stock, but there are still some customers who discover there is no local seller. Although these are not found in a lot of the big budget retail stores, the online presence is not to be ignored. Dozens of sites have these up for sale.

The biggest con has been the cost of some of the more popular styles. Higher than the average pair of cotton ones, yet way below countess pairs of the more glamorous satin ones.

There are numerous fans who tout the anti fungal, anti bacterial and cleaner for the environment benefits, but these work well for others too. There are the fans who simply enjoying going to sleep on a pair of the softest sheets imaginable. These are ideal and wonderful for everyone for lot of different reasons..

Bamboo sheets are one of the most luxurious forms of bedding a person will ever sleep in.

Anti-fungal comes naturally

The anti-fungal properties of the product are due to the fact bamboo in its natural state has a unique ingredient. This has the ability to protect plants from insects and other pests while growing. Because they have natural ingredients to repel insects and other kinds of pests, pesticides are not necessary during the growing process. This adds to Green and organic qualities.

What are your thoughts?

Have you ever personally tried bamboo sheets?

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Weather effects these sheets differently

There is one more thing separating these from other bed coverings in the same category. The weather impacts these in a rather distinct way. The temperature outside affects the sheets inside.

When the weather is hot, humid and sticky, users have the luxury of a cooling effect. The fabric from 100% bamboo sheets is extremely breathable. Cool air circulates with little or no resistance. The result is making users more comfortable without adjusting the thermostat for air conditioning to do so.

The same idea applies for the winter months. The fiber cross section is responsible for adapting to the surrounding temp. Tiny gaps inside of the sheet allow for a filter system accounting for warmer weather adaptation as well.

A personal review of a customer using these for the first time

These are products created using a variety of different methods. The most common kinds of production tend to be knitted or woven.

Martha Stewart has a say about these bed coverings. Find out what she likes about them


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    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 

      7 years ago from Idyllwild Ca.

      I have been wanting bamboo sheets for some time. Now I know where to order them when I'm ready. You have given a great write-up, explaining very well the benefit of beautiful bamboo sheets. When I am read, I will come here to your hub and order them. Rated up :) vocalcoach

    • Fluffy77 profile image


      7 years ago from Enterprise, OR

      I'v considered these sheets for a while now, you may have inspired me to get them. Nice hub.

    • A.A. Zavala profile image

      Augustine A Zavala 

      7 years ago from Texas

      I had no idea! Thank you for sharing.

    • Hyphenbird profile image

      Brenda Barnes 

      7 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

      I never knew Sustainable, luxurious and clean! What's not to love!


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