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Bar Sink

Updated on December 13, 2010

Installing a bar sink is easy!...Bar sinks come in a wide range of shapes, styles and sizes. And for the D.I.Y man choosing and installing the right sink for that entertainment area is crucial and needs consideration. As we all know any social events weather it be family or friends are a great way to show off your new entertainment room, and having the right bar sink will definitely make things go that much smoother in terms of washing and preparing fresh glasses, disposing of left over drinks and ice cubes. This is where a wet bar sink would come in handy for disposal and the advantage of having a double bar sink would mean less waiting time for your guests.

Types Of Bar Sinks

A standard sink has come a long way in terms of design and range, with a wide selection for one to choose from such as a cooper bar sink and even a brass bar sink obviously these types of sinks would need to be buffed and shined regularly in order to keep up their appearance. Stainless steel bar sinks would be one's ultimate choice with fairly less work to keep it maintained, but with a stainless steel bar sink, because you are paying for quality it may hit your wallet and cost a little more than you think.

A undermount bar sink is perfect for entertainment purposes,undermount bar sinks as i mentioned are double sinks that can lessen time doing work and more time entertaining guests. If you are on a budget then checking out second hand building supply stores may save you money, no need to be extravagant and buy an expensive bar sink when a less costly smaller bar sink will do the job just fine. If your entertainment area is fairly limited in terms of space than smaller bar sinks are more than adequate for your entertainment needs.

Things you will Need

OK let's get down to the task of installing your new bar sink. Don't worry , this project is pretty straight forward. Things you will need are a measuring tape, a drill with a 3/8 drill bit, a saber  or jig saw, Plumbers putty, a pair of pliers, caulk a wet rag and a standard sink assembly. With all jobs preparation is the key so try and have all these items ready before you begin your project.


Installing Your Bar Sink

Firstly with your measuring tape, measure the outline or dimensions of the sink unit you intend to use onto your bench top make sure these measurements are exact  because once you do your cuts there's no turning back. OK with your drill make a hole in one corner staying inside the line you marked. The hole needs to be large enough for the blade of the jig saw to fit through. Now you can cut out the shape of your sink making sure you follow the lines you marked out earlier. There will be a drain flange, (this is circular in shape) and needs to be fitted through the hole in the sink bottom. Using your plumbers putty ad a strip around the bottom of the flange and place the flange into the sink and press down firmly. Turn the unit over to allow you to work on the assembly. Place two rubber gaskets onto the stem of the drain and place cover over top.

securely tighten the locking ring onto the drain stem assembly using your pliers. Apply plumbers putty around the bar sink faucet as you did with the drain flange. Place faucet assembly into the sink you will need to press the flange firmly down onto the sink at the same time. And secure the whole assembly together by tightening a washer and nut onto the faucet stem. Apply a generous amount of caulk all the way around the edge of the hole you cut earlier for the sink. Now put in your bar sink making sure everything lines up and fits perfectly apply some  downward pressure all the way around. Some access caulk may squeeze out the sides, that's OK as it means the seal is good, just simply wipe away the caulk with a wet rag. Allow everything to set and dry for at least 5 to 6 hours, hook up the  water lines to the faucet assembly, clean assembly be simply draining it and your bar sink is good to go.

IStainless Steel Sink


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